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Lead your group of heroes to the war against the corporation Tetracorp. Create your own strategy on the battlefield and attack the enemy from all sides. Visit a huge arsenal, use powerful weapons and pump your soldiers with unique skills. Limitless action in the best shooter for mobile and tablets. Do you accept the challenge?

Are you a hero that the human race needs?

  • New experience of the final battle. Join the resistance in this episode of Cover Fire, full of bullets, machine guns and enemy armies, eager to kill you. Take your weapons and lead this revolution, like a real war hero!
  • Pioneer controls that gives you unique breathtaking sensitivity. Connect your finger directly to the trigger. Click and clear!
  • HD graphics with detailed scenes full of particles and grampshots. DESTRUCTIVE ENVIRONMENTS. Everything interacts with the player.
  • Move like a real veteran soldier thanks to the ORIGINAL and exciting cinema. Immerse yourself in a crazy and dynamic adventure with NON STOP ACTION. Do not stop shooting.
  • Take part in the battle from different points of view. Play among your mercenaries in REAL TIME, find the final combination to end this threat.
  • Equip yourself with a HUGE FURNACE based on real grabs. True to the mechanics and the characteristic sounds of each gun. You have never seen anything like it in shooters.
  • Customize your AVENGERS team with their unique skills. Choose different roles: hacker, sniper, demolition man … Unlock new EPIC characters. Have you ever seen an inflatable dinosaur on the battlefield?

Megacorporation TETRACORP occupies several areas on the planet, stifling villages, capturing their resources and controlling each individual message. There was a new resistance, and the time has come to eradicate this threat.

Hear the calling. Install your team of mercenaries. Start your journey into battle, the prelude to the biggest war the Earth has ever seen. Soon you will realize that the research in Tetracorp goes beyond simple totalitarianism. The discovery of a new material, element 115, can decide the fate of humanity and cannot fall into the wrong hands.

In Cover Fire, you will be the hero responsible for putting an end to this potential holocaust. Lead a detachment of avengers through besieged cities, inhospitable deserts and fields captured by partisans, and defeat various enemies in a war game with the help of the largest graphics and deployment of weapons available on your mobile phone.

The ultimate war experience. Fully intuitive controls designed to create a completely immersive experience. Take cover, aim, press and eliminate this danger.

As the leader of the uprising, you will encounter a rough army of the enemy corps: irreconcilable elite soldiers, deadly special forces, mechanical experiments with impenetrable shields … Take control of the situation, deal with the conflict like a real military machine. Become a legend of this uprising.
– A fascinating story mode, based on the original comic "Covering the Fire", with more than 60 missions and difficult fights with platoon bosses. Eliminate the threat of Tetracorp and lead the uprising. Many chapters with hundreds of features and hours of gameplay.

– Simple and intuitive control. Immerse yourself easily into action. Feel completely new experience, unique in the gaming environment. Tap the screen, pull the trigger!

– Improve the skills of each member of your team. Increase their abilities, make them faster, stronger, more deadly. Equip them with the best guns and equipment. Level up your squad of heroes and lead them to victory.
Look at the video. Unlimited action!
Can you destroy all enemies in this bloody battle? Then you are in. Welcome to the team. Welcome to the Resistance. Welcome to Cover Fire.


+ Increased initial time to 20 seconds in a sniper operation.
+ Subscriptions improved: 25 -> 50% faster update time
+ New mode: Sniper Ops. We changed the old combat missions for this new regime. Defeat all enemies before time runs out. Each target adds 3 seconds to survive. Remember: complete the last tournament before upgrading to get rewards.


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.generagames.resistanceFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.