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Download CPUBalance from our site for free. It is a lightweight tool that uses the company's ProBalance technology to monitor and prevent the processor from running in processes to improve system response time. This application can be run separately or with Process Lasso, improving its existing ProBalance function.

Features of CPUBalance Pro Full

Monitoring running processes to block CPU load

  • After a quick installation, which should not be difficult, CPUBalance integrates into the systray at startup, although this does not attract your attention. In addition, he adds himself to the Windows startup sequence to automatically start each time the computer is turned on.
  • As soon as it starts up, the utility begins to monitor your running processes, noting their activity, such as starting time and changing the priority of the process. Clicking on the tray icon opens the main window where you can view a list of all processes sorted by a limit counter.

Set process limits and view detailed logs

  • This way you can get a better idea of ​​the programs that typically use more processor resources. In addition to counting restrictions, you can check the name, frequency of actions, and time of the last limit. So that the program does not affect the priority of the process, you can add it to the list of exceptions from the context menu.
  • In addition, you can open a log to view detailed information about each action taken by CPUBalance, including time, process name, action (for example, ProBalance restriction completed, process priority temporarily lowered), additional information, computer and user name, path and command line. Filters can be used if you are trying to find a specific event. This log can be saved as a CSV file.

Set exceptions and change CPU affinity during restrictions

  • Returning to the main window, you can turn off ProBalance from the menu or set it to turn off when the computer is in standby mode, play sound during process events, manage excluded processes, disable kernel parking, or decrease I / O priority during restriction, and also allow or prevent an application from working with system services, processes with abnormal priorities, priority processes, or descendants of priority processes. In addition, the affinity of the processor can be changed during the restriction.

Promising process manager for processor related events

  • Taking into account all aspects, CPUBalance can be a reliable assistant for controlling the behavior of processes that require CPUs, especially for users who often work with several applications at the same time. In our tests, it worked fine on Windows 10, and we patiently expect a stable version of the product.

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Title: Bitsum CPUBalance v1.0.0.84
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License: Freeware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

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