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Crossy Road is an endless arcade game where you have to complete difficult missions, that is, control birds to try to move them through busy highways, railway lines or through turbulent rivers. Maybe at a glance the task will seem simple, but don't rush to conclude. Transport arteries are only filled with transportation and carrying characters to the finish line is far from easy. In difficult problems, some clear and simple controls with tapes and friction will help.

In general, game mechanics are rather reminiscent of Flappy Bird, which is quite tired, overcoming a large number of highways or trains for each step you will receive points, the results are concluded after the death of the character. For experience and coins collected, you can unlock additional heroes.

Graphically, Crossy Road for Android is made in a cubic style, with bright and rich colors. A pleasant soundtrack completes the overall picture. Despite the fact that this is an endless arcade game, it is still worthy of attention, because it feels that the developers are approaching its creation with the soul.