Dark Fantasy Survival 2.0.1 (Full) Apk + Mod for Android – Is Here!

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Gloomy soul is a free MMORPG for survival in dark fantasies. The once thriving imperial province of the Plaguelands is now covered in fear and darkness. Its inhabitants turned into endlessly wandering souls. Your goal is to survive as long as possible on this dangerous land. Collect resources, build a fortress, defend yourself from enemies and survive in a battle with zombie knights and other monsters in this new game, similar to Soul!

● explore new lands

Explore lands affected by gray decay. Discover the mysterious places of power. Try to penetrate the ancient dungeons and castles of other survivors to get the most valuable resources.


Build jobs and create new resources. Discover new designs and create realistic medieval weapons and armor to fight the most dangerous inhabitants of the Plaguelands.


Create a solid base for protection from the undead and other survivors. Protect your stronghold, build and set traps for uninvited guests. But do not forget to explore the territory of your enemies to collect valuable loot.

● defeat enemies

Morning Star? Halberd? Maybe a crossbow? Choose from the arsenal of deadly weapons. Do critical hits and dodge enemy attacks. Use different styles of combat. Find an effective strategy for owning any type of weapon!


Build a stable and do not miss your chance to jump into the battle with the hordes of the undead on your war horse or ride through the grim medieval landscape. You can build a boat, a cart, and even a carriage – if you can get the necessary details.

● overcome difficulties

Life in the Plaguelands is lonely, poor, nasty, rude and short. Hunger and thirst will kill you faster than the cold weapons in this sinister medieval MMORPG. Conquer nature, hunt dangerous animals, cook their meat on an open fire, or kill other survivors to replenish their reserves.

● make friends with the crows

Build a crow cage, and these intelligent birds will become your messengers. Watch the sky Crows always circle something interesting. And what the crows are interested in will always be interesting to a lonely exile.

● join CLAN

The clan will increase your chances of surviving another day in this cruel and bitter medieval world. Summon your brothers in arms to destroy the damned knights and bloodthirsty witches.


When night falls, darkness fills the world, and you need light to escape from the terrible Night Guest.


You may feel lonely, but it is not. There is always something to do. Complete quests that bring ravens and receive rewards. Take advantage of every chance – this is the best strategy for survival in the gloomy reality of this forgotten kingdom.

● solve the mystery

Search for letters and scrolls to learn about the ancient history of the Empire. Find the clues to the mystery of your past and the truth of this unfolding disaster.

Life in the Plaguelands is a constant battle not only with hunger and thirst, but also with hordes of undead and damned animals. Conquer the nature and fight in this action-role-playing game for real heroes. Become a legend! Storm enemy locks, collect loot and control the Plaguelands from the iron throne!

Grim Soul is a free MMORPG, but it contains in-game items that can be purchased. You must be at least 13 years old to download this game and start your adventures in Grim Soul. Your survival strategy will determine everything. Start your journey and become a hero in a brutal game for fearless warriors.


– Improved game mechanics, fixed various errors and problems.


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