Day R Survival is an interesting game where you are offered to return when the USSR is still there. But life on earth has changed. War is always merciless. In 1985, the Soviet Union was defeated by an unknown enemy. Literally, the entire country turned into a radioactive desert in a few days and now terrible monsters that have experienced mutations from colossal radiation roam the ruins of Soviet cities and are looking for someone to satisfy their hunger. And you are a random image that is left alive. Your fate and your next life depends on you. But remember that survivors are not distinguished by kindness and responsiveness, all that the victim needs is food, water, and of course your weapon.

Day R Survival Feature:

  • Difficult survival
  • The world of life
  • Ability to create things, search trips, large numbers of weapons, ammunition, allies.
  • Mechanics, medicine, chemistry, driving, cooking, explosives and more
  • Online chat
  • The possibility of a joint fight