Dead Rain: A new zombie virus – from an ambitious independent developer, when he wrote about himself on google play :), he created one of the best games this year that you will never forget! The game occurs when the whole world is infected by a strange virus and besides that the climate has changed, endless rain flushed. Infected people behave like zombies, which is not surprising, but making trees grow from their bodies is something new. And as a result of continuous rain, these trees grow very fast. The task of the protagonist of the game is to find his daughter, who was lost during the riots that hit the world. The description text is as obsessive as the game itself: D

And if it's not long in the game Dead Rain: A new zombie virus is waiting for you:

  • The story of survivors in the world of zombies, infected by unknown viruses.
  • You can enjoy games and stories without dialogue.
  • Many levels with various zombies.
  • Customize your own fighting style using different item combinations.
  • Play with great controls and interactive experiences.