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Health + Ammunition


Year 2072, the world is surrounded by zombies. A person must live underground or inside abandoned buildings. There is a group of surviving names MPS-16 that wants to collect another living. They travel the world to find supplies and survivors.

There is news from an activated radio that some scientists live there. Thus, MPS-16 comes out to save these scientists in the hope that medicine can be created to save humanity. The dead valley in the Middle East is the goal of this extremely dangerous journey.

History Museum, where the team falls into the trap of many zombies for the first time an adventure. MPS-16 must fight for the night with a small amount of supplies and weapons. After that night a secret was found that makes the team firmly believe in their goal. The real journey begins at this moment.

ZOMBIE WARFARE: Dead Squad is an extreme FPS game with:
– A huge amount of weapons that can bring you real experience
– Enjoy realistic 3D characters and surroundings.
– You can choose your best teammates and weapons for your tactics
– There are a number of character skills and weapon effects
– defend your base and fight with other opponents around the world
– Rescue another survivor for the battle and search for new supplies and weapons
– Facing many types of dangerous zombies and bosses

Epic effects
– Realistic lighting and textures of the characters, zombies, cannons and surroundings
– The characters look different, and the skill system gives a more flexible strategy.
– Weapons can be viewed in 3D mode and can be configured with several parts
– Zombies and bosses have more behaviors and abilities.

– Characters are divided into different classes with unique skills.
– Appearance and skills are based on a class that brings different for each character
– Each class and use only one type of weapon and effectively against one type of zombie
– The character can be aligned, and the rarity is determined by the number of starts.

– Zombies are extremely dangerous with many behaviors and abilities.
– The boss looks like a giant and can grab any creature next to it
– there are always new types of zombies that appear in new locations
– Choosing the right weapon can help kill zombies faster.

– Many types of weapons can be viewed in three dimensions.
– the gun can be customized with different parts
– Special effects make the gun stronger and more efficient.
– The gun can be randomly found in the game with the change to get the strongest weapon

– The player has changes to defend himself and fight with other opponents around the world
– Protect your base and destroy another building to get food and fuel.
– There is a ranking system for comparing all players.

Mass battles in different places
– A player can travel to many places to find supplies and survive
– There are many different locations with new challenges and zombies
– Each place contains a secret that awaits disclosure.
– The player must prepare a good strategy for each card.

Android resolution
– READ THE CONTENT OF YOUR SD CARD: read the game file of the extension game (.obb).
– FIND ACCOUNT ON DEVICE: get account information to enter the game.


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  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. " "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.