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“In the beginning, when the universe was young, four princes were sent to small planets. Their mission was to find the mysterious crystal that existed inside each planet. When the Crystal was found, it awakened the ancient magical forces that spread to all places in the universe, giving rise to the origin of the worlds.

This is the story of Arco, the youngest of the princes who inhabited the smallest of the planets: Deyland, Tiny.

Deiland This is a completely autonomous game where we control little Prince Arco to develop our daily life on a very small planet and enjoy adventures.

We start from the very beginning, on an empty little planet, but full of surprises. The first step is to create the tools you work with: a hoe for working the fields, an ax for getting firewood, a hammer for assembling and making objects, etc. Soon we discover the joys of life in Dayland: pick fruits, get the first crop or watch the meteor fall .

Little by little we will bring to the workshop a variety of items and materials to get new tools, derivatives of materials (for example, cloth, glass bottles or forged metal), dishes or even magic potions. Our house will be transformed from a tent into a large house capable of forging, a kitchen and a laboratory. How many objects can we manufacture?

As the planet develops, it will be more attractive for merchants who will come to us for materials to buy or sell. Meet Brahm, the chef who creates dishes of high stellar cuisine; Mon, the brave beetle hunter and wizard Lok, a very cute old man who is obsessed with potions and spells.

★ Unlock magic and defeat your enemies.
But not everything is peaceful in Dayland. Often enemies steal your prey. You will fight with limousines, giant spiders, bats, poisonous flowers and even giant trolls. Learn magic spells to defeat them and, thanks to the power of the Crystal, protect the planet Deyland.

Life on the planet Dayland is beautiful. You will be in direct contact with nature:
– Develop beautiful forests of oaks, pines and wild shrubs.
– Enjoy rainwater, which is a treasure that needs to be properly used.
– Contemplate the flow of time, with morning, sunsets and nights in space.
– Get a good time for fishing on the lake. You can catch big fish for your dishes and recipes.

Deiland is a great adventure game in which we have to make decisions and develop the magical ecosystem of a tiny planet.

"This is a great game for survival lovers who like exciting gameplay and attractive graphics!"
Geek squad

"The best way to describe Deiland is a mixture of minor elements from Craft with an emphasis on more modern survival mechanics."


Game Design and Development
Abraham Kozar

Characters and illustrations on the covers
Miriam Barea