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Now you can get more than 40 interactive novels Delight Games, unlocked without advertising. And when a new interactive novel from one series comes out, you first get it to Premium, unlocked! This is our flagship product!

With a one-time pre-purchase, you get permanent content without ads without an IAP, or do not worry about being deceived later. There is nothing like this on Google Play!

If you are new to Delight Games, you can say: “Interactive novels? But I do not like to read. You might even say it in a whimper voice (although we hope not).

Well, even for you who hate books, reading is now addictive, because with the help of interactive novels Delight Games you choose the main character, change the story, change your statistics and try to stay alive. Can you make it to the end? If so, what grade and rank can you get?

Fantasy, horror, mystery, adventure, even a little romance. Immerse yourself in new worlds!

If you like interactive fiction or just want to try something different from the usual mobile games, this is ULTIMATE for you!

Unique features include:
✔ No ads
You get new novels with updates on Premium before anywhere else on Google Play.
✔ Now available for blind users (for example, Talkback-compatible).

Novels included:
Volumes 6 Volumes Wizard & # 39; s Choice (Medieval Fantasy)
Volumes 5 Volumes Rogue & # 39; s Choice (Medieval Fantasy)
Volumes 10 volumes of Zombie High (zombie apocalypse)
Volumes 4 volumes of "Detective Selection" (noir-mystery)
Volumes 7 volumes of Witch Saga (fantasy, filmed in the 1930s)
Volumes 2 volumes of bionic bikini (sci-fi humor)
Volume 1 Volume Monster Myths (adventure reality show)
Volume 1 volume “Pirates never die” (pirate adventure)
Volume 1 Volume Deep Huntress (Space Opera)
Volume 1 volume "Choosing a Superhero" (superhero adventure)
Volume 1 volume of the Oregon Trail (a historical adventure)
Volume 1 Ghostbuster Volume (Children's Adventure)
Volume 1 volume “Musketeers' Disciples” (children's adventures)


Fixed bugs and typos in Paladins 3. Thanks to lulospawn, Sean Buffaloe and Michael Gilbert for sending me them.

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