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Depra Cleaner is an easy and reliable application for cleaning your Android device. The PRO version of Depra Cleaner will be ad free.

This application allows the user to correct the lack of memory and the load on the system and allows you to use other built-in intelligent tools to improve the performance of your Android device. It supports your device in optimal conditions.

Trash removal

Improved data analysis engine, complete removal of unwanted system, cache removal, spam blocking can easily optimize your device, and the operating system will start to work well. Remember to delete unused or duplicate files to increase capacity.


This feature analyzes battery usage and allows you to stop energy-intensive applications with one click.

CPU cooler

CPU Cooler allows you to analyze the CPU load to reduce the load on the processor, as well as close the task running in the background with one click. Increase your device’s performance by up to 50%.

Notification Cleaner

Just one click allows you to clear all unwanted notifications in order to release the notification bar.

Smart cleaning

This feature allows you to remove system junk, cache and other unused files, as well as old APK files. Use one touch to clear your device.

Other benefits:
– remove unnecessary files and notifications;
– data mining;
– ad blocking;
– Improving the performance of the device;
– the minimum size of the installed APK;
– low battery consumption with the option of battery saving mode, as well as monitoring battery usage;
– stable, fast, reliable application with user-friendly interface;
– Hidden payments or annoying ads are not detected.

With Depra Cleaner, it is easy to help your smartphone achieve optimal conditions for active work, entertainment, or other activities using your Android device.


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