Disco Ducks 1.57.0 Apk Mod Lives + More for Android – Is Here!

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Disco Ducks Lead Duck Travoltu, Parton Duck and Cookson Five in a world where ducks rule the dance floors and the 70s never ended! Use colorful combos, collect great bonuses and build your Mojo to defeat evil villains when you connect, dance and explore!

• Easy, addictive puzzle gameplay! Pick and connect colorful duck ducks to light the dance floor
• Lots of crazy dancing Disco Ducks with special skills that you need to collect and master!
• Singing ducklings will play new disco tunes every time you play!
• Hundreds of challenging levels. And always another ugly in the process!
• Stunningly beautiful, hand-created graphics and animation from A to Z!

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Thanks for playing. See you on the dance floor!


Rabbits, chocolate and dancing! What don't you like? Disco Ducks celebrate Easter!

Spring is coming! The ducklings have gone through Quacker and created 30 color and sweet Easter levels!

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