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Djay Pro 2 is a new generation of award-winning DJ software from Algoriddim with countless new features, a redesigned user interface and advanced library management tools. Djay Pro's unique, modern interface is built on a complex integration with iTunes and Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of songs. Impeccable sound quality and a powerful set of functions, including high-definition signals, four decks, audio effects, video mixing and hardware integration, give you endless creative flexibility to lift your sets to new heights.


Absolutely new interface
• 1-, 2-, 4-decks and video modes
• Modular design with customizable instruments, sampler and FX configurations
• New high resolution waveforms
• New video mode with photo integration
• Single deck view: prepare your tracks and library
• Automix presentation

Library management
• “My Library” section for creating your own playlists
• Spotify integration
• Create smart playlists with tracks from iTunes, Spotify, and the file system.
• Powerful track filtering: filter any playlist by BPM, key and other attributes.
• Split mode: show two library sources side by side.

Automix AI ™
• Automatic, bit-compatible artificial intelligence based mixes.
• Automation of queues and playlists
• Automatic transitions
• Match running at Spotify

PhotoBeat ™
• Mix photos in perfect sync with the rhythm
• Automatic photo slideshow combined with rhythm
• Adjustable photo frequency per beat
• Image Effects

Extended capabilities
• Keyboard Editor
• Save up to 8 loops per song
• Name your saved control points and loops.
• Cue Loops

New audio engine
• High quality low latency sound engine
• Post-Fader FX
• High-quality effects, filters and equalizers
• Master output effects via AudioUnits


Spotify Integration
• Instant access to millions of songs
• Playlists, songs, graphics, browsing
• Match: cloud song recommendations
• Instant access to BPM and key information through the cloud
• Edit playlist on the fly and save the song.
• Drag and drop from the Spotify application
• Powerful audio streaming technology: ultra-low latency, enhanced effects, on-the-fly analysis

CDJ Integration – officially certified by Pioneer DJ
• Native CDJ line support
• Managed plug & play setting
• Full hardware control, including slip mode, scratches, pitch change, cycles, label, basic tempo
• Navigate the library, including Spotify, iTunes, signals, and cue point display on CDJ screens
• Connect up to 4 CDJ

a record
• iTunes export

Audio processing
• Extended time stretch (up to + – 75%)
• pitch shift (up to + – 1 octave)
• Sound mixing with adjustable crossfader curves
• equalizer, pan and filtering of high and low frequencies
• Sound limiter
• Support for Audio Unit plugins

Audio analysis
• BPM and beat detection
• Flexible beat grids with dynamic tempo
• Frequency color signals
• key discovery
• Auto-boost / normalize
• Multicore batch analysis

Hardware integration
• Native support for over 50 MIDI controllers.
• Native support for the Pioneer DJ CDJ line.
• Advanced MIDI Learn
• External mixer mode
• Support for multi-channel USB audio interfaces
• Supports external audio input and microphones.

Built for MacOS
• Touchpad support
• Native 64-bit application
• Optimized for MacBook Pro and iMac with Retina display
• Multicore analysis (up to 24 processing threads on a 12-core Mac Pro)
• Extensive shortcut keys
• Multitouch trackpad control
• iCloud integration
• Available via VoiceOver

Djay Pro 2 is compatible with any Mac running MacOS 10.11 or later.

To access the Spotify music directory from djay Pro 2, you need a Spotify Premium subscription and an Internet connection. There is no record for songs from Spotify.

To use songs from iCloud to djay Pro 2, first download them via iTunes. DRM protected songs are not supported.