The Doom 4 Was Quite Different


The Doom 4 Was Quite Different

DOOM 4 looked more like a Call of Duty than a Doom

Before last year, the frantic, violent, satanic, frenetic and fun DOOM. wWhich was chosen Game of the Year in this house, was in production Doom 4. Which has now come to light just over a minute Gameplay and conceptual arts.

This canceled game has much more of Doom 2016 crack than the original or most recent title. But in general, except for the demons, it looks very different from what the id Software franchise has represented over the years.

In the gameplay we can see a more claustrophobic area first and, later, an open city where we face several demons and use a very diaper version of the current glory kills.

The game was canceled because it had very high production costs and ended up discarding everything created. In addition, developers were not comfortable with it: We felt that DOOM was not what fans would want from it.  Said Kevin Cloud; And Kevin Stratton compared it to a Call of Duty.

These gameplay seconds have appeared on YouTube’s Noclip channel, specializing in making video-game documentaries funded through crowdfunding.

Regarding the DOOM that did arrive, recent id Software developers announced that they are focusing on making multiplayer better. But that an expansion of the campaign mode is not ruled out.


By ChSb