Dota Underlords 1.0 (Full) Strategy Apk for Android – Is Here!

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STRATEGIZE TO WIN: Hire heroes and upgrade them to more powerful versions.

MIXTURE AND MATCH Gathering your team with allied heroes will unlock powerful bonuses that can crush your rivals.

CROSSPLAY: play your favorite platform and fight with players around the globe in a cross-game without problems. Are you late? Start the match on your PC and finish it on your mobile device (and vice versa). Your Dota Underlords profile is available for all devices, so no matter what you play, you always make progress.

YOUTH FAST NETWORK: Valve Network helps you get started quickly.

RANKED MATCHMAKING: Everyone starts from the bottom, but by playing against other Underlords, you will go through the ranks and prove that you deserve to manage White Spire.

READY TO TOURNAMENT: Create your own private lobbies and matches, then invite viewers to watch 8 underlords take it.

OFFLINE GAME: Offering challenging AI with 4 difficulty levels, offline play is a great place to hone your skills. Pause and resume playing at your leisure.

SEASON ROTATION: Every season we say goodbye to certain Heroes, Items and Traits to make room for new additions that will shape the ever-evolving Underlords world.


Vertical metropolis of gambling and trivia, inaccessible to Stonehall and Revtel; White Spire is known as a paradise for smugglers with free morals and colorful inhabitants. Despite the fact that the White Spire is flooded with syndicates, gangs and secret societies, it never fell into chaos for one reason: Mom Eeb. She was respected … loved by her … and, unfortunately, she was killed last week.

The death of Eeb forced one question to surface in the underworld of the White Spire: who will rule the city?


– Fixes and improvements