Bob Robbery 2: Double Trouble


Bob Robbery 2: Double Trouble

The real king of thieves is back in business!

Reckless robber Bob again resolves his old tricks in Bob Robbery 2: A double problem.

Go around the guards, past patrolling retirees, and avoid tricky traps while you are trying to put on sticky gloves on as much of your booty as possible.

Bob Robbery 2: Double Trouble

The man has stolen back! – and he got into trouble. Help Bob plan a wedding for the gangster's daughter, stop Dr. Tiviev’s insidious plans and find out if there really are aliens?

More than 100 new levels of mining pleasure! – What goodies will you get when you sneak around the streets of Playa Mafiosi, Shamville and Chaika Bay?

Hide and seek – sneak up on tiptoe, hug the walls to stay out of sight, make noise to distract the guards, and if you are caught red-handed, get out of here quickly!

Old Bob, New Tricks – use radio-controlled cars, teleportation mines and tons of new gadgets to help Bob out of a difficult situation.

Suited and looted – Stilka in style with various outfits.

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