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Faster And Smarter Browsing With Mozilla Firefox 2017

Mozilla Firefox 2017 lets users browse even faster than before. This latest version of the popular web browser, now gives uses easy access to social media sites. Mozilla Firefox 2017 still includes pop-up blockers, Google search capabilities, and complete privacy controls, while also adding several innovative new features.

Speed and Performance

Mozilla Firefox 2017 is faster and smarter, consistently outperforming other web browsers such as Chrome and Opera. The browser’s privacy controls are easy to set, and the larger interface is easy to navigate.Mozilla Firefox 2017‘s interface also has the capability to display more search results than any other browser.

Access Social Media Sites

What is really making this version of the web browser stand out, is it’s Social API feature. Now it is even easier to access all of your favorite social media sites. Instantly receive messages, updates and chat, while combining multiple sites. Mozilla Firefox 2017 also supports even more functions and add-ons. Some of these include, more secure browsing and the ability to sync.

Outstanding Features of Mozilla Firefox 2017

With this latest version, users can browse the web, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Easily outperforming the competition, and providing secure browsing capabilities. See more of your search results on the page, with the large interface and have instant access to social messages. Other features include,

1. Social API lets you instantly receive and chat on Facebook and other social sites.
2. Large interface displays more search results.
3. Pop-Up blocker.
4. Stronger security while browsing.
5. New VP9 video decoding and now volume control for HTML5.
6. Can support most of the new add-ons, and has one of the largest add-on data bases.
7. Also includes tab browsing capabilities.
8. The browser now supports Opus in the WebM.
9. Mozilla Firefox 2017 has even more creative settings than before.
10. Additional code improvements were also made for developers.

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