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Spotify is one of those lucky ones who, perhaps, don't need recognition. But if you still don't know, explain that this is a very good service that allows you to listen to music without limits, choosing your favorite songs from truly unlimited bases.

The principle of operation is similar to that of its competitors: You choose your favorite genre and artist, then Spotify will choose you suitable playlist and offer new items that might interest you. With a system of likes and dislikes, you can adjust preferences and, accordingly, service recommendations. But what distinguishes Spotify is that the collection is not only based on genres and "similarities" from the players, there are also thematic, for example, roads, for training, instrumental, etc.

There is good news for those who want to listen to music without being attached to the Internet. Each playlist and collection can be saved for offline listening.

For maximum convenience, the widget with the player is attached to the application.