– Where to find the card from the Alpha bunker? And the code from the Alpha bunker downstairs?
– The card on the body of a soldier at the entrance to the location of the bunker. Sometimes it's also found in zombies and in boxes in red and yellow locations.
The code reported on the radio (assembly is needed) once a day, it also happened to the body of a soldier on location.

– I was killed on location, is it possible to return to move things from the corpse?
– At the location of the house, in the bunker and at the location of the last body smuggler available. In the last two cases, it is only available until the end of the event.

– The merchant never came, why?
– For the appearance of the dealer radio must be collected.

– Where to find a doctor?
– A physician appears once at the location of the house after the arrival of the Horde.

– Where to look for humanitarian assistance?
– Events (events) with loads occur when the player has less than 50% of energy. Like all other events, there is limited time.

– How do you defeat Zombie Horde?
– You can survive and fight, but you can get out of the location half an hour before the event and return afterwards, they will only destroy bets or a pair of wooden walls.