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Reborn Version + Anti Ban

WhatsApp Plus َ Anti Ban v3.0
WhatsApp JiMODs v7.90
WhatsApp + v7.25 – 2.12.5
WhatsApp Jt JiMODs v7.90 [New]

What if we tell you that our WhatsApp is even better? Do not be surprised, our WhatsApphas offer completely new and exciting features called WHATSAPP PLUS: this time it's blue. Whatsapp plus (unofficially) the new version of WhatsApp should be introduced today. So let's talk in detail about what's new in WhatsApp Plus for us. offersHere is our take.

WhatsApp Plus has the following great features:

  • We all love our green WhatsApp icon. Is not it? Yes, we do. But WhatsApp Plus comes with a blue icon. The changes are good, and this new icon also looks cute!
  • Change your color. We can never change the colors in our WhatsApp, but using WhatsAppPlus, we can change the colors of almost every part of the application. This means that we can change the background color, header color, etc. In this way, using WhatsApp Plus, you can add more colors to WhatsApp and enjoy them.
  • Enlarged video size. Using WhatsApp, we can send videos to our friends with a maximum size of 16 MB, and we all did not want to expand it. And WhatsApp Plus with a video size of 50 MB. So get this version for a larger video and enjoy large videos.
  • State: using WhatsApp, we can not only hide our status and show it to the people we want, but also we can look at our friend’s status just below the chat, unlike our WhatsApp, in which we first had to click the contact icon, and then see status. More ease with better whatsapp!
  • High quality images: I hate it when my WhatsApp turns all my HQ images into total noise. But with WhatsApp Plus, you have another option for high-quality images. Thus, your images remain as they are. Is not that great?
  • Exciting new Topics: WhatsApp Plus includes new interesting topics. And there are just too many of them. Change the whole look of your whatsapp with whatsapp plus. The traditional WhatsApp Plus application does not offer a theme, so this theme is a good reason to search.
  • Vivid font colors: the same old monotony of black font color ended with WhatsAppPlus, because with the new WhatsApp Plus you change the font color in your WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp Plus, you can also include a different font color for unread messages, group messages. This is something really new and exciting.
  • Location: with WhatsApp Plus you can send your location to your friends. It would be great when every time you are somewhere, your friends will find out where ?? This is really a new feature that I look forward to.


WhatsApp is really dear to us all, but the fact that WhatsApp Plus is better than not to be neglected. We are not trying to find errors in the existing WhatsApp, but below are the differences between the official WhatsApp and the unofficial WhatsApp Plus, which will help you to lean towards WhatsApp Plus.

Improved interface: with numerous options for themes, font color options and color settings, WhatsApp Plus stands in terms of the interface.

The best emoticons: one of the reasons why we love WhatsApp is great emoticons and keep in mind! WhatsApp Plus comes with a huge amount of emoticons. Now, no emotion goes unnoticed.

More privacy and simplicity: WhatsApp Plus offers more lightness users in terms of privacy and better access.

Video Size: WhatsApp Plus is better than WhatsApp in terms of video size. (a whopping 50 MB). Are you sure you are looking for whatsapp updates, aren't you?

What to say about whatsapp?

I always hated everything that happens between me and my whatsapp. But WhatsApp Plus felt too good for me (no offense !!! WhatsApp). Whatsapp plus We strongly recommend that all those who are looking for interesting features in their WhatsApp communicate with their friends. It has a great aesthetic appeal. Trust me. You will love it !!