Dungeon Chronicle Mod


Dungeon Chronicle Mod

Travel across endless floors of increasingly difficult enemies, collecting a huge amount of unique loot!

Become a better hero using different weapons (Twin Swords, Long Sword, Pistol, Shotgun, Wand and Staff)
Hire and organize mercenaries to create the strongest party.
Improve skills and create warriors oriented to hand-to-hand combat, or mix and match and create hybrid characters of your workmanship!

Explore the dungeon. And survive. How far can you go ?!


– Wave dungeon added
– Added 2 types of mercenaries
– Added monsters

– Mercenaries are automatically restored after cooling

– The sale price of the item has doubled, and gems will be rewarded when you sell [unique/set] Subjects

– The reward for skill points (gems) increased significantly according to the levels of the dungeons,
and the price for active skills with the exception of passive skills has doubled

– the option “set increase effect” can be randomly added to unique items (enchanted items)

Dungeon chronicle apk