Dungeon Princess
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Dungeon Princess

2018 Best RPG Game
"Dungeon Princess" – the most popular virtual online game in the world.
The first batch, which will pass the final stage of the Underground, will be rewarded with fantastic prizes, and from now on this woman will be called the "Princess", who will receive extravagant privileges.
ISM, the gaming genius, begins his journey to the Dungeon Princess with the goal of turning her sister NADIE into a princess.

▶ Content
– A game with a final you can complete
– 100% custom interactive game without auto game mode
– 11 characters with unique skills and abilities
– Attractive character voices and illustrations
– Frivolous plot and character relationships
– More than 430 sets of items to collect with unique attributes
– Fight and fight with more than 18 different types of bosses

Content is updated regularly. We look forward to new stages, features and storyline!

▶ Unique combat system
Unlike routine combat games that you play one by one, you can choose different skills in real time during battles, if endurance permits, and each skill requires a different level of endurance. Efforts to find the best combination of skills and composition of the characters, as well as the time to attack – this is the key to getting pleasure from this game.
The excitement of creating a strategy of battle, as well as the management of time control attack with your own hands! Be a winner in this game, using positive effects and attack skills, reacting to the attacks of the enemy and destroying their spells by stunning.
In addition, use the character exchange feature in the middle of the battle to replace injured characters for extra speed to success!
Clear the last stage to get rewards and crown your sister NADIE princess!

※ Caution: Dungeon & Princess is an offline game. Saving data on the server is not provided by this game. All user data is stored only on the user's device. Therefore, the data cannot be restored after the application is deleted. Please use the save function on the cloud in the game.
※ Return policy
Refund is available within 2 hours after purchase using the return button provided by Google. However, you cannot claim a refund after 2 hours.
Requests for a refund: [email protected]/ + 82-10-5184-3834


New Dungeon / New character / New outfit / New item in the store

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