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EMCO Network Software Scanner This is an inventory tool that allows you to retrieve information about applications installed anywhere on the network. For each PC, this tool collects information that includes the names of installed applications, versions, installation dates, and other parameters available in the Add or Remove Programs list in Windows.

The application also allows you to retrieve information about installed software updates from remote computers. The collected information is displayed in the user interface of the application and can be exported to a CSV file.

Features of the EMCO Network Scanner Software

Audit installed applications:
• The application allows you to scan Windows computers on the local network to extract information about the applications installed on each PC. Reported information includes the application name, version and vendor, installation date and installation size, as well as other fields displayed in the Windows Programs and Components dialog box.

Audit software updates:
• Information collected from remote PCs also includes a list of installed software updates. These update lists are grouped by application, so it's easy to check the update history for all applications. Reported update information includes installation date, version, etc. Some software providers provide a link with information about the applied changes.

Tracking changes to installed software:
• All information collected during a scan over the network is automatically stored in the database. During the next network scan, actual software inventory information can be compared with the results of one of the previous scans to detect applications that were installed or removed during this time and display them in a special view.

Exporting software inventory data:
• For each scanned PC, you can export the collected software inventory information, including a list of installed applications, software updates, and software changes, to a CSV file. The export wizard allows you to customize the export options, such as delimiters and encoding. The application exports all collected inventory data, including all fields.

Title: EMCO Network Software Scanner v2.0.6.2458
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License: Freeware
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OS: Windows

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