The game starts when the powerful magician Veznan returns! You have to go along with the witch in a dangerous adventure, in the game you have to gather a strong army and realize all the dangerous plans of Veszana! Show whose kingdom the real boss is here! This game has added new land, new battles, and is far more interesting!

Game features:

  • 16 new towers, each of which has unique abilities and special skills.
  • Choose your arsenal and collect destructive combinations to stop your enemies!
  • 16 challenging stages take place in the midst of three countries that are waiting for their new owners!
  • 9 powerful heroes who make your order without hesitation.
  • More than 35 dangerous enemies that make you sweat.
  • Rush past the kingdom and destroy 3 powerful kings. There will be a legend about you!
  • New skills and reinforcements that will help you destroy your enemies.
  • More than 10 knick-knacks and artifacts will increase your chances on the battlefield.
  • 30 repairs to bring your troops in the best shape.
  • More than 50 achievements, hidden secrets and a variety of easter eggs that are very fun to look for!
  • Don't you have WiFi in your Dark Tower? Not a big problem! You can play without it!