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Examdiff pro available for free download from our software library. This is an intuitive program that allows you to quickly find the differences between two files, folders, directories or clipboard contents. ExamDiff has unique functionality that distinguishes ExamDiff from other comparison programs. You will find that ExamDiff Pro offers a much more efficient and convenient way to compare files and folders.

If you are a programmer or web developer comparing source files, syntax highlighting makes it easy to identify various aspects of the code. ExamDiff Pro Master Edition has full Unicode support and can properly compare files in different languages.

Features ExamDiff Pro Full

  • Compares text files, binary files and directories.
  • Performs a trilateral distinction and unification.
  • Highlights differences down to the level of lines, words or characters.
  • Highlights the syntax of the document.
  • Fuzzy coincidence of lines.
  • The ability to recognize moved text blocks.
  • Automatic directory synchronization.
  • Panel Line Inspector for easy recognition of differences in the lines.
  • Ability to add manual sync points to text file comparison.
  • Compares directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Allows you to edit files in file comparison panels.
  • Allows you to copy, rename and delete files or directories.
  • Saves file differences in a standard UNIF DIFF file or on a dynamic HTML web page.
  • Print and preview difference reports.
  • Simple navigation through the differences.
  • Advanced search features.
  • Drag support.
  • Extended ignore options for ignoring capital letters, spaces, comments in a programming language, and more.
  • Hyphenation.
  • Plugin support.
  • Drag support.
  • You can create snapshots of directories for later comparison.
  • Includes full Unicode support.
  • Fully customizable.
Title: ExamDiff Pro Master Edition v10.0.1.7
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

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