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Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows is a fantastic casual adventure puzzle game that is similar to the game with hidden objects and plays like a game with hidden objects, but it is not. This is a great family story with a paranormal twist!

Try it for free, then discover the full adventure in the game!

The past of your family is more interesting than any story. And this is not the end …

One of the stories of my father was my favorite: “Once upon a time there lived a merchant with his wife. The family was happy and never knew grief. However, their maid Julianne was jealous of the happiness of a small family and secretly dreamed of taking the place of his beloved wife. She learned about the ungodly forces hidden deep in the manor that could be caused by the ritual … although it was expensive. She cursed the merchant's wife, unleashing deadly forces. The merchant vows to devote the rest of his life to finding a way to free his beloved wife from her accursed world. ”

Years have passed. My father is dying, but he leaves me a message: “Your favorite fairy tale was the true story of our family. I tried to free your mother's spirit, but I failed. I ask you to finish what I could not. The solution is waiting in our old family home. ”

As a son, I have to “write” the happy ending of my family history.

Features editorial for developers:
• Complete your family story
• It looks like a HOG and plays like a HOG, but it's not one
• Bonus content
• Discover morphing objects while playing.
• haunted atmosphere
• Open world locations to explore
• creepy meetings and secrets
• Pure puzzle adventure gameplay
• Optimized for phones and tablets
• One of the best casual adventure games. In our opinion 🙂

We recommend it to anyone who loves hidden object-style adventure games.

This puzzle adventure is perfect for playing while traveling. No internet connection is required for this standalone adventure game.

Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows is an adventure puzzle game from the creators of The Last Dream, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward, Inbetween Land, Tap the Blocks and Sonya: The Great Adventure!

The game is available in: English, Russian.


Happy game to everyone!

This update includes:
Small game fixes.
Text corrections.
Improved usability.


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  2. "com.specialbit.lurking.androidFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.