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Fatal raid

Zombie apocalypse has come. Massacre ruins the streets of Nova City. All that stands between his salvation and the final destruction is a squad of elite super-soldiers. Do you have what it takes to repel the horde of undead and return the city?

Fatal raid This is an action shooter from the first person that you have never seen. Not just a mobile game, Fatal Raid gives you the full FPS experience right at your fingertips. Fatal Raid has unsurpassed depth and reproducibility, from complex, single-player-based plot to real-time PvP battles.

Single player campaign

Fatal Raid provides a rich and compelling single player experience. Uncover the truth about what happened in Nova City when you are heading towards your mole with a deep cover for the city center. But when you make your way through the war-torn streets, you will find that zombies are not the only enemies standing in your way …

▶ Watch the dubbing and directing to completely immerse you in the hellish landscape of Nova City
▶ Huge selection of weapons and types of weapons to unlock. Assault rifles for hitting multiple targets, sniper rifles for long-range battles, shotguns for short-range collisions; Remember to bring the right equipment for each mission. There are even machetes and chainsaws when you really need to come closer and personally.
▶ Battles with bosses. Fight with truly epic enemies in crazy boss battles and get rewarded with unique items. If they are too hard, you can hire up to three friends to help you. Strength in numbers!

Multiplayer mode

The true essence of FPS lies in its multiplayer mode, and Fatal Raid is no different. Challenge people online in real time with one-on-one battles, competitive missions or clan wars.

▶ PvP Team Death Match: classic battle to the death. Fight your opponents alone or as a squad, and prove once and for all who the champion really is.
▶ PvP Bombing Mission: compete with other teams in this competitive mission mode. Become the first team to capture strategic points or solve key tasks. Individual skill is important, but it is teamwork that governs the day in this game mode.
▶ Survival mode: they do not call it a zombie horde for nothing. Waves of enemies will fall on you with increasing rage, until they destroy you. The question is, how long can you last and how long will you take with you? Only for real masters.
▶ Reliable clan system. Join a clan or create your own with friends. Challenge other clans to competitions and earn special rewards for participating in clan events.

Jump straight into the recruit training course and start reaping the benefits, being part of this elite group of soldiers.



  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Enter the game.
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