Call of the WW2 Sniper: The Last Battlefield
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Call of the WW2 Sniper: The Last Battlefield

The most amazing sniper mission of the Second World War. Enjoy this epic first person shooter in the action genre.

The military destruction of Nazi soldiers at the front of the war2 line action fps free game. Win medals for military missions in the United States using combat equipment. The player will face challenges at every turn in this free gaming environment of super military action in the middle of the jungle. Secrecy and secrecy are necessary to complete each military assignment in 1911 in order to harm the enemy's hidden camp. Using ww2 sniper equipment: ammunition, sniper rifles, special lenses, throwing hand grenades and maps of military areas allows you to find Nazi base huts to destroy them and become a hero of the army in this historical virtual game world war2. This unique gameplay takes place in the cold winter, displays high quality graphics and detailed design. So step on the winter fog spreading between the trees, in the direction of the enemy's shelter, take aim with the help of the lens controllers of the sight of a sniper rifle, which is easy to handle and shoot. Players can enjoy realistic three-dimensional sound effects to enjoy the game while downloading and playing online / offline.


– Performance Optimization
– Gameplay improvements

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