• Detects media files that may not be compatible with future versions of macOS after Mojave, and convert them to a compatible format.
• Fixed a bug due to which the share destination disappeared from the share menu after exiting Final Cut Pro.
• Fixed a bug that could lead to the disappearance of the extension button workflow when resizing the interface.
• Fixed a bug due to which the "Select Clip" command could incorrectly select a clip under the playback point.
• Fixed a bug due to which notification of successful use of a shared resource appeared after the cancellation of a shared resource operation.
• Fixed a bug due to which frames stored in the frame browser in the comparison viewer may be displayed differently than in the viewer.
• Fixed a bug due to which information on the frequency of removal of the buzz may not be displayed in the audio inspector.
• Fixed an issue where re-linked media files could be displayed with black thumbnails in the browser and on the timeline.
• Fixed an issue where the sharing menu could be hidden behind the viewer when using Final Cut Pro in full screen mode.
• Improves reliability when sharing videos on YouTube

Presented in version 10.4.4

Workflow extensions

• Expand the capabilities of Final Cut Pro with third-party extensions that open directly in the application interface.

• Drag clips between the expansion window, the browser and the timeline.

• Connect to existing third-party accounts to access projects, download media files, and purchase content.

• Deep integration allows extensions to control the playback of the timeline, navigation, clip markers, and more.

• Workflow extensions include collaboration tools (Frame.io), standard media (Shutterstock) and asset management (CatDV).

Batch share

• Export and transcode multiple clips in a browser — with or without a LUT camera — for quick viewing of daily and other reviews.

• Select and export multiple projects

• Combine batch exchange with packages to encode multiple files in multiple formats in one step

• Track the export progress in the background task window.

Video noise reduction

• Use a high-quality drag-and-drop noise reduction effect to reduce grain and video noise

• Use simple controls to quickly customize the look and reduce noise.

• Simple reordering by dragging the noise reduction effect in the inspector.

• The viewer displays the effect of noise reduction in pause mode and turns off the effect during skimming for optimal performance.

• Apply 360 ° noise reduction to 360 ° video clips while maintaining flawless seam

Time code window

• View the project time code and source in one or more floating time code windows

• Resize the time code window and drag any to the second screen.

• Select to display clip names and roles.

• Color coding in the time code window corresponds to the colors of the roles on the timeline.

Comparison Viewer

• Open the Comparison Viewer to refer to other frames for consistent color gradation in your project.

• Quickly select the previous or next clip in the timeline as the reference frame

• Save any image in the frame browser to refer to it later in the comparison tool.

Tiny planet

• Select the Tiny Planet mapping option when adding 360º video to a project without 360 ° to create interesting spherical images

• Animate the field of view to move from close to satellite view high above the frames.

• Give headlines and generators a 360 ° heavily distorted look using the Tiny Planet display option.

Other new features

• View, edit, and send subtitles in SRT format, which is used by many websites, including Facebook

• Select to record subtitles in the video so that they are constantly displayed during playback.

• Dragging the timeline to select an additional storyline, you can now select individual clips or the entire additional storyline.

• Instantly turn any photo or video into an illustration of a comic with a comic filter, and then enhance the look of a comic with simple controls to adjust ink edges, fill, and smoothness.