Whenever it comes to WhatsApp mods, there are a huge number of options available, and one of these mods is WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp APK. The WhatsApp FM application has existed for a long time, and it is also one of the best WhatsApp mods you can download.


However, if you’re wondering, “how download FMWhatsapp apk latest version for Android “, then you better read to the end. In the modern world, WhatsApp plays an important role in our life. Using it, we communicate with our friends and family members. There are even many users who use WhatsApp to run their business.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that this is an important application, it lacks many functions. Consequently, many Android users made their move and switched to WhatsApp mods, such as FMWhatsApp apkBut before we continue and share the download link, let’s briefly tell you about Whatsapp FM apk.

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What is FMWhatsApp Apk?

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps we have installed on our smartphone. He has over billions of users. Also in the modern world almost each is on whatsapp. However, being one of the most popular applications, it lacks many features. I also shared the YOWhatsapp for Android.

FM whatsapp

It has no security settings, you can add only a limited number of people to a group, and so on. Consequently, as a result, there are so many users who do not even like to use official WhatsApp version.

Thanks to a bunch of WhatsApp mods, such as FMWhatsApp apk, that offer many features. I also shared 1000+ cool names for WhatsApp groups.

The FMWhatsApp mod is an edited version of WhatsApp. In this application you will find all the features that are missing in WhatsApp. But the question is how different FM application WhatsApp This is compared to the official WhatsApp messenger. Well, go through this review of opportunities, you will understand.

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app name FMWhatsapp
Application size 53.27 MB
Downloads 10,000,00+
Version 7.90
the developer Fuad mods

The main characteristics of the WhatsApp FM application

Application lock:

fmwhatsapp apk

  • As we mentioned above, in the official WhatsApp there are no basic security features, but this is not the same as FM WhatsApp apk. Instead, he offers you application lock a function that can be used to block your application.
  • FMWhatsApp also supports various locking systems, such as drawing, fingerprint and pin code. Consequently, as a result, there is no need to download an additional Android application for protect Your whatsapp messenger, as you can do it easily.

Privacy Features:

fmwhatsapp download

  • Another feature that WhatsApp lacks are privacy features. There are so many users who just don’t want to show their online status. But hiding them being in whatsapp is impossible.
  • But thanks to FMWhatsApp, since it offers a bunch privacy features. Using them, you can hide your online status, double tick, single tick, record and input status.

Call Filter:

download fmwhatsapp

  • Call Filter is another great feature of FMWhatsApp apk. We all get calls from random numbers on whatsapp, and this can be pretty annoying.
  • However, with this application you can filter from contacts who will own the rights to call you on whatsapp.

Pin Chats:

fm whatsapp app

  • WhatsApp allows you to pin down only 3 chat rooms, where, on the other hand, using FMWA apk You can easily fix 100 chats.
  • This is an important feature for all business owners or people who have too many contacts. It’s as if they can just hook up their important chats from above and easily access them.

Media sharing:

FM whatsapp

  • Media sharing is another useful feature that most of us will like. If you ever shared a multimedia file on WhatsApp. Then I’m sure you know that media sharing limit on whatsapp is 16 MB.
  • But what if you want to share large files? Well in such cases FMWhatsApp apk is very convenient. With it, you can share media files 700 MB without problems. In addition, using it, you can send files of various formats. Such as APK, DOC, RAR, PDF and so on.

Awesome Topics:

Whatsapp FM

  • Another thing that made WhatsApp FM quite famous is the themes. It offers many amazing themes that completely change the look of the application.

Group settings:


  • FMWhatsApp also comes with a variety of group settings, as you can change the color for each group. You can increase the number of users in one groupIt also has group search settings.
  • In addition to these settings, the application also has quite a lot of useful features. So you better go and try.

A bunch of customization options:

fmwa apk

  • In the end, whatsapp FM comes with a huge amount tuning options. Using them, you can change how it looks and feels. You can change the application logo, background, checkmarks icons, and so on.

So these were a bunch of features that it offers. I’m also sure that you understand that FMWhatsApp is different from WhatsApp.

Download the latest version of FMWhatsapp Apk for Android

Well, from this segment you can download the Whatsapp FM app for free. You do not need to root your Android phone for FMWA apk. I provided quick download links below. If you have problems with the download, leave a comment below.

In addition, if the link does not work, remove the comment below. We will fix the link as soon as possible. We will continue to add the latest version of the link. Do not forget to return for updating the application. I also shared Spotify premium apk and 25 Music Downloader applications.

Download the latest version:

fmwhatsapp 7.90

Download old version:



fmwhatsapp 6.90

How to install FMWhatsApp Apk on Android?

In any case, now let’s talk about our main question “How to install apk FMWhatsapp on Android”. But before that, let’s just turn on the app. installation from unknown sources option.

fmwhatsapp application

  • First of all, go to the settings.
  • Then click on Advanced Settings.
  • Now go to the privacy menu.
  • Here you will find “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources”, just turn it on.
  • That’s all, and now you’re ready set FM application WhatsApp. Just continue and follow these steps.

Step 1:

First of all, click on the download button above to get the Apk file.

Step 2:

After downloading, click on it to start installing the application.


Step 3:

Now you will see the install button, just click on it. Now wait a bit and let the device install the application.

download fmwhatsapp

Step 4:

After installation you will find the open button. Click on it to start using the app.

FMWhatsapp download

Now you can enjoy Whatsapp FM on your smartphone. The best part of the app is that you don’t need to root your Android device to use the application. You can use the application along with other WhatsApp mods. This means that you can use three or four WhatsApp accounts on one device.

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Well, that’s all you need for “Download FMWhatsApp APK and install it.” Well, using the WhatsApp FM application is also a very simple task. You can use it together with official WhatsApp application or you can remove whatsapp and use FMWhatsApp mod as standard WhatsApp Messenger.

But if you constantly want to switch to it, make sure that you first installed the application, and then restored it to Whatsapp messenger. If you have any doubts, leave a comment below.

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.90 Download the latest version (updated) 2019

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