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Apk + Mod + Data for Android

Unlimited equipment


The game is still under active development. We carefully read all your comments and feedback to make sure every new update matters. Thanks for your support!

Full Metal Monsters This is a mobile game that you have never seen before. Metallic battle monsters dinosaurs in the post-apocalyptic world! Synchronized 5 × 5 PvP-shooter with different modes! Control animals on the ground or in the sky, fully mechanized, supplemented or organic: the choice is yours!
Tame and command dozens of bloodthirsty metal hunters, ready to destroy everything in their path to win!

Game process:

Unique setting!
New harsh world in which only the strongest survive!
A variety of game mechanics
Chew enemies in melee or strike at a distance, slowly sabotage or rush into battle!
Tons of different creatures
Metal, organic or supplemented: choose for yourself!
Skills, skills and more skills
Each dinosaur is unique and has its own abilities, including traits, jumping, stunning, regeneration, and more.
Ground and air battles
Sky Battle fans are happy! We have flying dinosaurs and more. Choose your battlefield!
Weapon wealth
Equip your dinosaur with any weapon you want from, from traditional guns to next-generation energy blasters!

The game has 3 main types of dinosaurs, including:

1. Full Metal – AI machines are devoid of any biological tissue and mercy. Specially equipped with an energy shield from the weapons of the old world.
Tyrannosaur is on top of the jungle metal food chain. He can jump from place to place with super speed and stun several enemies at the same time. Deadly in hand-to-hand combat. One wrong move and an enemy toast.

2. Organic – Life develops in the second round on the ruins of the destroyed old world. Now monsters from the Jurassic era are killing, not living.
Spinosaurus insatiable hunter-killer. Spinosauri dinosaurs that hunt small animals can fight in close combat and against enemies with superior strength. Their jumps give them unsurpassed mobility, and their mighty roar can stun a whole group of enemies, leaving them open to deadly attacks.

3. Completed – On the border of man and car, they are the best of both worlds. Human intelligence, mixed with advanced technology, forms a deadly combination.
triceratops – You do not want to disturb him when he charges. Triceratops always hunt for their next victim. Their razor-sharp horns make it difficult to dodge melee combat, and these animals can even regain their health if they need it.

Full Metal Monsters free to download and play, but some game elements are available for purchase. The game requires a stable internet connection. Mobile Internet is fine, but Wi-Fi is better.

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  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.azurgames.dinosaursFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.