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Arena of Valor (AOV), MOBA 5×5 in real time, comes with premium content and balance, so you can win only with skill. Enjoy playing your mobile MOBA bergrafis HD with a smaller file size. Get 18 free standing heroes, especially for new players. Join the AOV community with over 100 million users worldwide and prove that you are the king in Antaris Arena!

1. MOBA HD graphics with smaller size
Only in AOV you can play world quality MOBA, now the size of the installation and the file size are smaller. This new feature makes AOV more convenient for mobile phones with low RAM and memory.

2. Ultimate Experience MOBA, the new Clan Wars mode
With the display of HD graphics, it's great to see the hero and defeat opponents in a battle of 5×5 in 15 minutes. Using all the functions of the MOBA system is easier and more accessible with just a touch of your fingers. In 5 by 5, 3 by 3, 1 by 1 modes, as well as in the special mode “Clan Wars” and “Hook Wars”, play and win AOV constantly.

3. Event hero every day and new every week
Learn and use more than 50 heroes, including official DC superheroes, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker and Superman. Get ready for exciting events that will accompany you every day.

4. Mobile e-sports number 1 in the world
No money to win, pure skill! Nothing much to buy extra status. Leather is 100% simple suit, win or lose, depends on the skill. The AOV tournament takes place at different levels: from amateur, regional, national and international. The latest prizes of the AOV international tournament totaling $ 500,000 make AOV mobile e-sports the largest in the world. Let's form a team with friends and become a legend of eSports.

5. Server and local service Garena Indonesia
Arenas of Valor are present on the local server, competing in seconds and feeling fierce battles anywhere, anytime, right from the hapem. There is a problem? Do not worry, use the customer service and we are ready to help solve your problem.

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Developer: Tencent Timi Studio
Publisher: Garena


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– Map
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– Bakground Music
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