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Google drive allows you to access your content on any computer and mobile device. Using Google Drive is a great way to securely store your files in secure data centers where your files won't be lost. Even if your computer, phone or tablet breaks, the files stored on Google Drive will be safe. Upload photos, videos, documents and other files that are important to you on Google Drive. Get up to 15 GB of memory. Free. Google Drive helps you find files faster by recognizing objects in images and text in scanned documents. View more than 30 types of files directly in the browser, including HD-video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, even if no program is installed on your computer. If you are using Chrome, you can enable Drive offline to create, edit and annotate documents, slides and pictures, and view sheets when there is no network connection.

Features of Google Drive Software Portable

  • Easy to get your stuff in Drive. Drag one or hundreds of files into the Drive folder on your computer, and they will always be available on, in the mobile application and wherever you install Drive.
  • Access to what you need, wherever you go. Download Android and iOS apps to your mobile phone and tablet, and then get everything you have on the drive, wherever you are.
  • Create something. Google docs, sheets and slides are built into Drive. Create a shopping list, plan an event in a spreadsheet, or make a presentation for your history lesson on your own or with others.
  • Secure, secure, sharing. Regardless of what happens to your devices, your files are securely stored on Google Drive. And everything that you download or create in Drive belongs to you and automatically becomes private if you do not decide to share.
  • Google documents, spreadsheets and slides automatically save and track every change you make forever. You can also view other file types for 30 days, making it easy to see who made the changes and restore previous versions.
  • Create, analyze and create things with additional Google applications.
  • Open and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your phone or tablet.
  • Quickly create, view, and organize notes, lists, and photos using Google Keep.
  • Start a survey or quickly create a list of commands using a simple online form. Then review the results, neatly organized into a spreadsheet.
  • Add a little color to your documents, presentations and websites with easy-to-create charts and diagrams.
  • Develop scripts to enhance your favorite applications, such as Documents, Sheets, Forms, Drive, Calendar and Gmail.
  • Destroy your data from your storage! Combine this with other data on the net. Collaborate, visualize and share. (Experimental).

With 15 GB of free storage, you can safely store thousands of photos, hours of audio and video, and large presentations in Drive. Never worry about broken or lost equipment.

Visit the disk storage page to find out how much space you use and how you use it. If you need more than 15 GB, you can buy more memory starting at $ 4.99 / month for 100 GB.

Title: Google Drive v3.44.4943.6228
Developer: Google
License: Freeware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

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