Google launches HSTS .dev top level domain (TLD)

Google domains All of you will know that this is also a domain name provider, such as Godaddy, from whom anyone can buy any domain name, for example, dot com, net, org, in. Right now, Google has launched here a program with a new domain name. What is this new domain? And it can be bought so that we get the information in detail here.

To buy a domain, we think 100 times, what is his name? And the dot com, org, net buy or the point where you choose a domain name.

Because we know that a good domain URL can help us quickly get traffic and approve Adsense on our website, and we can make our website a unique brand.

Google's early access program .dev

Google just got a new one Top Level Domain (TLD) launched "Kdev"

This new domain has been launched because providers currently have all types of domain name systems, such as

  • Global Domain Name – .com
  • Organization Domain – .org
  • Government Domain – .gov
  • Education Domain – .edu
  • World Wide Web Domain – .net

There are many more such names associated with any country and department, but there was no such domain that is intended for developers, and for this reason, Google launched this new system.

Developer Domain – .dev

Google new tld

This is the third domain that Google launches before the domain point is launched and the TLD domain with the name of the point application. The biggest advantage of all these domain names is that they are not all protected from SSL, but protected from the new HSTS security system.

What is HSTS?

HSTS full form HTTP Strict Transport Security This is a new web security technology that protects a website from actions such as attacks using earlier protocols and hijacking cookies.

How to buy a domain .dev?

Early access program .dev It has just begun on February 19, 2019 and can be purchased by visiting the “Google TLD Domain” section.

Domain dot dev The price of this time will be 12 dollars a year. But this is no longer done, so there are some conditions.

As if any Godddy TLD domain were acquired, you would know that we are simply looking for a domain with its custom name and then adding it to the basket.

But google didn't do that Domain .dev sold out Feb 19 This is also the beginning and the addition of "Get your domain earlier than any other for an additional fee." The average

The standard price .Dev will remain, but you have to pay extra to get it, how much will it give? Watch it

  • February 19 8:00 PST – February 20 7:59 PST $ 11,500
  • February 20, 8:00 am Pacific Time – February 21, 7:59 am Pacific Time $ 3,500
  • February 21 8:00 PST – February 22 7:59 PST $ 1150
  • February 22 8:00 PST – February 25 7:59 PST $ 350
  • February 25 8:00 PST – February 28 7:59 PST $ 125
  • February 28 8:00 am PST $ 0
Google Developer Domain

If you want to buy it first, you will have to pay an additional fee for it, and if you want to purchase dot dev at no additional charge, then you should try it after February 28th.

Advantages of TLD from HSTS .dev:

Google launched it for the developer community, and in my opinion, its biggest advantage is that the domain for each individual domain now becomes the domain for the same developers that are easy to identify. can.
Nearly 200 million people said they bought it in Google's early access program.

All points that remain in the point domain are listed in the HSTS preloading, and opening them will require an HTTPS connection, and this will always ensure its security better than in any other domain.

Friends, if you want to buy a domain Com, Org, Net, then you will receive a domain with Godaddy or web hosting, where hosting is available. Google domains are now very expensive for India and get a domain name for at least $ 12 per year.

Yes, if you need a secure HSTS domain, such as .dev, .page or .app, you can buy it from Google domains, and the time for such similar domains is already ahead. What do you think about this in the comments to share

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