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Added DateJuly, 2019

Hedge 19.1
for video professionals


Multiple backups of yourfootage, fast and easy.

“Hedge’s killer argument is his incredible speed, that's for sure.”Olaf von Voss, Cinema5D

Super Fast Translations

As files become larger and larger, the old copy test methods simply do not cut them. hedge x Fast lane engine specially built for speed.

Simultaneous backup

Create as many copies as you need at the same time. Hedge transmits multiple sources across the board, making full use of your bandwidth.

Follow everything

Watch out for what, where, when, and how, with Transfer Logs. MHL allows you to re-check backups at a later time.

Flexible storage

Hedging is just as convenient with NAS, SAN and RAID as it is with USB or Thunderbolt drives. Do you work online? Upload to your cloud service, server or remote drive, with confirmation.

Expand your workflow

Let Hedge automatically launch your AppleScripts and process the footage according to your specific workflow.
Sort, transcode, rename, tag: all this is possible.

Fully localized

Since hedging is used in more than 100 countries, many hedge users do not prefer English for everyday use.
Is your language missing? To contact us!