Here's how to create a Gmail account and some of its functions!
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With the existence of ever more advanced technology, especially in the field of communication,and e-mail services may also transfer the existence of physical letters that are usually delivered via mail or other services. Not only that, e-mail, which is electronic mail, is considered more effective because of its shorter and faster use. Until you do not have to worry about straying to your neighbor’s house, your letter will arrive soon destination in accordance with the e-mail address of the destination. The form of e-mail itself is indeed more comparable to text messaging on mobile phones. With the inbox and outbox you can easily send and receive file transfers. Because almost the same as the texting system, incoming e-mails will of course also be deleted. How to delete e-mail on Gmail just click the option to delete the message, just like the text messaging service. Your message will then be put in the trash. If you want to permanently delete it, you can delete it directly from the trash can icon.

Although there are several e-mail services that are distributed, the most popular ones are Gmail. Which Gmail itself is a service of Google to enable the sending and receiving of letters or messages in digital format. At this moment e-mail is also very easily accessible. If in the past it could only be used on a computer, people nowadays use their e-mail more directly smartphone,

The use of e-mail itself is not required for additional costs, only by using an internet connection. This is also the main attraction of its use.

As for some functions of e-mail, on Amongst them:

1. Used to send messages

Both for sending files and for receiving files, e-mail will be very useful for remote communication. Especially if the opponent of your receiver is on overseas. Of course, the use of e-mail services will also save you time and effort, and of course costs.

2. Allows you to receive and send files

Not only serves as the sender of the letter. E-mail itself can be used to send and receive files in the form of images, videos & # 39; s or other documents. Conly by adding to the attachment icon or attachmentHowever, you still need to pay attention to the size of the file that can be sent. If you also have problems with e-mail removal, you can do this see more in the next article.

3. As a promotional facility

Nowadays, the distribution of online businesses that reach the digital world is always associated with e-mail. If only the owner of an e-mail account registered his e-mail on the promotion page. It automatically receives a promotional e-mail from online shop that is. This function is also rarely known.

4. How to activate smartphone

Recently, when you were one smartphone, especially Android. Your smartphone can only be activated by first entering your e-mail address. After this a synchronization process takes place, in which all existing applications can also be connected, especially those that use e-mail services. Perhaps because this was directly controlled by the sales or the sales employee, this function did not know much either.

About how to create an account Gmail on a computer, it is not so different from turning it on smartphone, Just follow these steps!

· Type the address, or you can type the gmail keyword directly.

· choose Create an accountthen a box will open.

· Enter the data in the available column.

· Pay attention to use for user nameIf you can not reach the next stage, try a different name. Like adding numbers or capital letters.

· click on next oneand the following command appears.

· Until it’s time for the requirements box, select I agree, This means that you agree to declare your data correctly and create a new gmail account.

· And voila, now be your gmail account. Can be used immediately.

That was how to create a gmail account easily and quickly with the help of a computer. Easy?