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Hider 2: encryption and hiding 2.4.9

Hyder 2: Encryption and Hiding
Hyder 2: Encryption and Hiding


Skip confidential information from third parties or other unwanted eyes. Encrypt, hide and password protect your data with Hider 2! Reworked for and fully compatible with OS X Yosemite!

"… If you do not want to mess around encrypting and hiding files yourself, Hider 2 is one of the easiest options." – Lifehacker

"There is no denying that the simplicity of Hider makes the process of hiding and encrypting files pleasant and easy." – Macstories

"This is a great little tool for those seeking digital cover, and encryption is a good bonus." – Macworld

Mac Observers Choice Award 2014.

Instantly encrypt and hide any file or folder by dragging and dropping them into Hider 2 – it's that easy! Our handy application ensures that all your personal files and folders are encrypted, hidden and password protected.

It is incredibly safe.
• Every file you hide is encrypted with AES-256.
• Keeps your data locked and password protected.
• Hide data on an external drive for an extra level of security.

Stay organized.
• Create custom file groups to save your data by category.
• Finder tags are imported into the application to simplify the organization.
• Hide and encrypt entire folders instead of selecting tons of individual files.
• Record confidential data in an encrypted note in the application.

Available to you (and only to you).
• Your files will be hidden from the Finder or Spotlight.
• Access recently hidden items directly from the menu bar.
• Perform a full application search among all your hidden files in the application.
• Instant application lock or hiding all your files using global keyboard shortcuts.

Download Hider 2 now and never again worry that your personal data will become public.