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Print voter's ID card Almost everyone will have it, because as soon as the elections are over, employees of all parties are the first to fill out the voter ID card of the one who comes first and try to make it available to voters. There is no error in the name, photo or address of all who have such an identity card. If there is such a problem with you, then you need correction of voter ID May apply for

Now the voter ID card is used only during the elections, but in many places we need it, and if we have the opportunity to choose the Aadhar card and the voter ID card, we must provide the voter card as this will ensure the safety of our personal data. My name and photo were incorrect on my voter card. I somehow applied them through an online form to correct the voter's ID. Let's find out.

How to change voter photo, name and address?

It is very easy to apply for a correction of the voter ID, and now everyone has a mobile Internet. If you want to change something with a photo, name or address, then you can apply online at home? Come to know how to do it.

First of all, you will open the website of the National Voter Services Portal (NVSP). This is the official government website for any voter-related information and applications.

After you open it, you must click on the “Correct voter list entries” form 8.

NVSP form 8

Now big in front of you Application form for correction of the voter ID is open He will have to fill in all the requested information. How to fill out the correction form? Know about step by step.

How to fill out the correction form voter ID online?

Step 1 As soon as Form 8 opens in the first section on the screen,

select form 8 language
  • A-: This button is used to minimize the font size.
  • A +: This button is used to increase the font size.
  • Language selection: here you can select a language according to convenience. , English and Malayalam

Step 2. "Application for corrections to the details of the electoral list" This is where the form begins, and here you must first select the name of your state (district), district (district), and then the meeting / parliament (meeting / parliament).

voters list

Step 3. Applicant data – Here you must write your first and last name.

applicant's name

Step 4 In this section, you should give two basic information.

  • Part number of the electoral list
  • Serial Number of Voter List

If you do not have a serial number AND part No. What are you therefore, going to, you only need to provide basic information about yourself, these sites will place before you all the information related to the voter ID.

serial number

Step 5. Please mark the desired entry. This is the most important part of the form for you if you are applying for an online correction of a Voder Id card.

There are a total of 9 information related to the voter ID, which can be corrected using Form 8.

  • name
  • a photo
  • floor
  • Date of Birth
  • address
  • Further
  • Relative name
  • Relationship type
  • Voter photo ID number

You can check any 3 (maximum) checkbox at the same time and ask them to correct them in the election commission. As if you want to change the photo, you can select the field named Photo and name.

which is fixed

Step 6. The correct information that needs to be corrected is given below: The data that you are asking to correct in this form you must provide the correct information about it. For example, if you select a name and a print address in the voter ID.

Thus, in this part of the form, you must provide your correct name and correct address.

applicant data

Step 7. Download a supporting document (supported formats .jpg, .png, .bmp, .jpeg) – Here you will need to download the necessary documents in accordance with the correction, and after entering the e-mail address, phone number and date, you will need to send form 8. As soon as all this data is updated, you will receive the information by SMS and mail.

send form 8

This is the easiest way to get you. online application to correct the identity of the voter The form can be sent. You do not need to pay money for it, and if you think that there is a question about any details that you do not know about. You can ask about this in the comments section below. Because to fill this form, you have to pay at least 50 rupees and you can fill yourself for free when you have internet.