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You are looking for easy ways. download paid apps for free on android? Well, you're in the right place. In the Google Play Store a huge number of applications. Some are free and some are not. Sometimes it’s hard to pay for apps just to use them for a short period of time.

Well, the solution to this problem is quite simple. Today we will discuss “How Get paid apps for free on Android. You can even use the same method for download paid games for free,

I will tell you about three ways to get the desired paid applications and games for free.

How to free download paid apps on Android?

These are three methods. First, using the Google Play Store alternative applications. Secondly, by downloading the paid application directly from Google.

And in the third, we will convert the free application to the professional version for free. We will discuss all of these methods in detail. Let's start with the first method.

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Method -1: use Google Play Store Alternative applications

Well, there are many application downloaders like the Google Play Store. Some are even better than the Google Play Store. They sometimes give you paid games and applications for free. The developers of such application markets are working hard, loading almost all the required applications onto their platform.

Such alternatives have a wide range of applications and games. You have the ability to search by the name of the application you are looking for. You can also search by category. Applications and games. As there are many such application markets. I will also tell you about the "Best Alternatives to the Google Play Store."

Top Google Play Store Alternatives:

1 -Aptoid

Aptoide is the best alternative to Google Play. It has a wide range of applications and games. This is a large application platform with some unusual features. One of the best features of Aptoide is the absence of geographical restrictions. You can download paid apps for freeYour location does not matter.

Protected applications are marked with a blue shield. This makes Aptoide safe and secure. Aptoide has the ability to sync with every application on your smartphone. Thanks to this feature you will receive the fastest updates.

You can even download the lower version of any application / game via Aptoide. If you encounter any problems in the latest version of any application, then this feature may be helpful. Aptoide guarantees an ecosystem without malware. It offers quick updates. Updates are even faster than the Google Play store.

Download any application on Aptoide developers is absolutely free. This means that you can get some interesting applications only on Aptoide that are not available on game store because every developer cannot afford to pay before publishing an application. It works great on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Benefits of using Aptoide:

  • Simple and convenient user interface.
  • A huge number of applications.
  • Aptoide does not contain any malware.
  • Trusted sign on fiduciary Applications.
  • You can even download lower versions of any application / game.
  • Download applications for free.
  • Fast and secure updates.
  • The ability to synchronize with any application on your smartphone / tablet.

Aptoide gives you really useful features. You can easily download paid apps free on Aptoide. Not only premium gaming apps are also available for free. This is definitely the “Best Alternative to the Google Play Store.”

2-Blackmart Alfa

Blackmart is another alternative to Google Play. He has the ability to download paid applications / games from the black market. You do not need a Google account to access Blackmart Just open the application> find any application> click "Download."

The application will be successfully downloaded to your smartphone. It downloads applications / games directly to the built-in memory of your smartphone. This is a really simple task. download apk files from Blackmart. It has a wide range of applications and games.

It has a simple user interface that is easy to navigate. Blackmart is the easiest and easiest alternative to the Google Play store. It is not available in the Play Store. You can just download it from Google. Blackmart does not have any ads or in-app purchases.

He has more than 10 million applications. As the name suggests, Blackmart has a black user interface, although it does not look minimal. It is working perfectly Good on both rooted and non-rooted devices. You can easily download paid apps for free, including games.

Benefits of using Blackmart:

  • Simple and convenient user interface.
  • 10 million + applications available for download.
  • Fully free for download and it has no in-app purchases.
  • Works great on both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • It is absolutely free of advertising.
  • Login is not required to access Blackmart.
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets.

The functions He offers are simple. is amazing. Download any application / game is very simple through Blackmart. This is the best alternative to the Google Play Store.

3 -ApkPure

ApkMirror is the latest, but equally important application loader in our list. The ApkPure user interface is better than any other alternative to the Google Play Store mentioned in this list. She has millions applications and games in its database. You can even download these apps / games directly from their site. We will discuss in the next part of this article.

ApkPure has been working for the past many years without any complaints. It has been used to download various applications / games by many Android users. Downloading applications on ApkPure is quite simple. All you have to do is Search necessary application or game and click download button.

The download will start in a few seconds, and you can install the necessary application / game manually. There is a library of applications. library divided into different categories. You can even download lower versions of any applications via ApkPure.

ApkPure works great on smartphones with or without Rooted. It also has the function of automatically updating your favorite applications.

Benefits of using ApkPure:

  • The best user interface is easy, simple and professional.
  • It has a library with various categories where you can search for the application you need.
  • It works on both rooted and non-rooted phones.
  • Has its Web site also.
  • A simple way to download an application / game.
  • It can automatically update your favorite apps.
  • You have the opportunity to download any version of any application / game.

These were the best alternatives to the Google Play Store. You can use them to download paid games or applications free on Android. Let's now discuss the second way to download free paid applications.

Method -2: Download paid apps directly from Google

You can even download applications for free directly from Google. You do not need to download an alternative to the Google Play Store. it simply way to download free paid apps on Android.

Enter the name of the application using apk. You will see many sites that can download this paid application and games absolutely free. Visit any website and get the app.

The latest app on our list of “Top Alternatives to the Google Play Store” was Apkpure. This is also a website where you can get premium apps without payment. Similarly, there are many such sites that allow you to download paid applications for free.

Method -3 Download the free application and convert it to the Pro version

Well, this method is quite interesting. We need to install an application that can convert any free application in the premium version for free. There are many applications available in the market for this work. Some of them are Lucky Patcher, Freedom apk.

  • First of all download Happy patcher on this link. Then install it on your device. After installation, follow the instructions on the download page lucky.
  • Secondly, you must download Freedom apk on this link. After downloading, complete the installation process. Then follow the instructions on the Freedom application download page.

Well, both of the above methods need root access. Therefore, make sure that your Android device is rooted, otherwise this process will not work.


These were the three methods by which you can download paid apps for Android for free. Well, not only apps that you can also download paid games for free cost. Just follow the above methods. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask. Just make a comment below and get an answer to your question.