How to get an instant loan of 25 lakh lakh online? YeLo App Review
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Want to know how much you get from an instant loan and how much you get
Can it? You can not get your credit card? If yes So I understand that
Today, you cannot answer all the questions regarding your loan, credit card and bank offer.
Will go Because we are here to learn about the YeLo app and view it
There is. Maybe you have not heard this before, so find out first.

What is YeLo Business?

YeLo is a mobile financial and technological application that is accessible to almost all banks.
Latest credit card, instant credit and credit and debit card offers
Provides complete information about

YeLo App is the hottest thing to do

The banking and financial information provided therein is 100% true.
How is the bank and solution providers.

Whether it’s a credit card, instant loan or bank offer everything
Step-by-step information is very simple about things.
Everyone can understand the conditions well.

The YeLo app was launched in November 2018 and,

  • More than 12 potential bank partners can be added for credit cards.
  • 37500+ users have already joined.
  • There will be complete information on more than 63 types of credit cards.

Any number of applications related to your digital payment.
They will receive information only about any bank, this is the first application.
To which all major banks and financial companies are added, so that users can get
Get complete bank information on site. If you have your own functions in your phone
If you want to check, you can use the YeLo app on your phone also
Do? find out

Download the YeLo app:

This is just the launch of an Android application, and it has any Android.
The user can download from the store absolutely free.

You also download – Yaelao

You do not need to do a KYC check to use the YeLo app.
Its setup is so simple that you can complete it in just 30 seconds.

After downloading, open the app and select the language that suits you, in or English.

select the application language Yelo

Enter the phone number and confirm the OTP (SMS will be automatically entered as OTP)

Check out the OTP Yelo app

Once the OTP is verified, you will enter the home screen.


Features of the YeLo app:

When you reach the main screen, you will see the bottom of the screen.
3 icons will appear with “Home and Me” (account information and support).

  1. Credit card
  2. Cash loan
  3. offers

The three main functions are the Yelo mobile app and the whole app.
You will be able to see the relevant information from these three. What is it And them
What is the use of learn

YeLo Credit Card

Here you will find all the major credit card providers, such as ICICI, DHFC,
You will also find complete credit card information for RLB, Axis, etc., and you can get direct
Click the "Apply Now" button and you will get access to the page from which you will receive a loan.
Apply for a card.

If you need a lifestyle credit card and you need information related to it, for example, what amount of credit should be, what interest rate and what income should be applied.

credit card details

YeLo Cash Loan

If you need an instant loan, you will get the best run from here.
Information about the instant loan scheme will be available.

Since Kredit Bee offers an instant loan of 3,000 to 200,000 rupees, its interest rate per day will be 0.02 to 0.1, the processing fee will be charged from 130 to 1,000 rupees, the UPI-based redemption system will be completed, and By this you will receive a loan. What documents will be required for this?

YeLo Offers

The offers will be available for all bank debit and latest offers valid on a credit card. For example, if you buy a product over the Internet, on which card will you get a discount, and on which loan will you receive a cashback.

Yelo offers

YeLo App Review:

I used this application and if I ask you for your honest opinion
Tell me, this was done by conducting a large amount of banking and financial research.
Clan compliments.

At the same time we get all the information about the credit card
Which often hide banks, such as fees, interest, overdue commission, etc. If you
If you want to make a credit card, you download the application once, a credit card
Your awareness will increase, and you can improve the conditions of banks.
Understand the way

I found the “Offer” section best in the YeLo instant loan application.
Because we were told about the sentences in which many of us
Do not even think.

You know, in a place like online shopping, restaurants, credit and
The debit card offers a discount and cashback. But have you ever thought about
You went to the hospital for an examination, and you get a discount from there – not 100%
But in the YeLo app, I have a 10% discount on health checks for an SBI credit card.

Friends, in my opinion, the YeLo application is also free and small
Thus, installing it in your phone will no longer charge you.
With the guarantee, I can say that this application will be useful for you. You give it
Please download the bar and how you feel about it.