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Are you looking for a Dolby Atmos installation guide apk? Then just keep reading, in this lesson I explained simple methods. install Dolby Atmos on Android phones,

We all listen to our favorite music on smartphones during work, jogging or in free time.

Even most of us like to watch movies on our smartphones. There is something called Dolby atmos surround which can take our musical experience to a new level.

Did you know that Dolby Digital Surround technology is now available for our Android devices? Yes, we can download and install Dolby Atmos on Android with or without root.a

Before we start the installation Dolby Digital AudioLet's find out about it.

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Know about Dolby Atmos Sound.

Well, Dolby Atmos is the next generation. surround sound technologyDolby Laboratories was first announced by Dolby Atmos in April 2012 and released in June 2012. You may also like to have root apps for rooted phones.

Digital Dolby Atmos, first introduced in cinemas, was later made possible on smartphones and other Android devices.

Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California, was the first to receive the Dolby Atmos surround sound setup.

Famous films like Batman vs. Superman, Star Wars used Dolby Digital Atmos surround sound,

Dolby surround cinemas have up to 64 speakers located in different directions to create a 3D surround sound effect.

With the development of technology, Dolby Atmos has become available for Android devices. Lenovo A7000 was the first smartphone that got Dolby Atmos technology,

Android developers ported Dolby Atmos with the Lenovo A7000 to provide it with all Android devices. I also shared best music download apps for Android.

How to install Dolby Atmos on Android phones?

Well, currently only a few devices come preloaded with Dolby Atmos. But don't worry, after reading this guide you will get Dolby Atmos on your Android device.

There are two ways to install Dolby Atmos on Android devices. The first method does not require a rooted phone, and the second one requests root access.

If you do not have an Android device without root, you can get Dolby Atmos after installing Dolby Apk. If you have a phone with Rooted, then you can install Dolby Atmos on Android by reprogramming the ZIP file.

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Method 1: Install Dolby Atmos on Android without root.


  • Android phone (no root required).
  • Google Play Music application.
  • Dolby Atmos Apk.
  • A cup of coffee (as you like).

Don't want to rut your Android phone? Want to experience 3D surround sound? Get ready for a pleasant listening on your Android phone.

The first way is the easiest way to install Dolby Atmos on Android. without rootYou need to download the Dolby Atmos APK and make some settings in the settings. So let's dive into the hard part of this method.

Dolby Atmos installation steps on an Android phone without root.

Step 1:

Download and install Dolby Atmos apk (without recovery) on your Android device. Before installation, make sure that the option to install unknown sources is enabled in the settings.

Step 2:

Reboot your Android phone after successfully installing apk Dolby Atmos. Do not open the application yet; you need to complete more steps.

Step 3:

Install the Google Play Music app from the Play Store (skip it if it is already installed). Only Google Play music will work, so don’t try to use other music apps like Spotify Premium.

Step 4:

Disable the default equalizer on your Android phone. You must do this to ignore, unfortunately, the stopped error. The default equalizer can be found in the settings, or you can find it in Google Play Music.

Step 5:

Open the Google Play Music app and tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

Step 6:

Click on the settings in the music playback menu and scroll down.

Step 7:

Go to the equalizer and open it now. enable dolby atmos from there. In most cases, it will be activated automatically.

Step 8:

Return to the music library and play any song. You can turn off apk Dolby Atmos and check the sound before and after installation.

Boom you have successfully received the effects of Dolby Digital Plus. Use headphones for a better experience.

Important note: Honestly, you will not get the real effects of Dolby Atmos without root. Thus, you can only get Dolby Digital Equalizer, which will only work with Google Play Music. You need to disable the default equalizer on your device.

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Method 2 of 2: Install Dolby Atmos on Android with root


  • An Android phone with a rooted interface should work on JellyBean 4.3 or higher.
  • Unlocked bootloader.
  • Custom recovery is installed (preferably Twrp).
  • Zip file Dolby Atmos.
  • You must have the correct knowledge of root, bootloader, custom recovery.

Want to feel the heavenly sound, listening to your favorite music?

Well, take a long breath because you are going to achieve this feeling. How did you know that the installation Dolby Atmos Apk without root Do not give you a real mod Dolby Sound.

Therefore, we need to flash the Dolby Atmos zip file through custom recovery. This will enable the digital audio mod on the entire phone. So let's do a Dolby Audio injection to your phone.

Root Guide: Ruth android without a PC.

Dolby Atmos installation steps on Android through custom recovery.

Attention: If you do not know about Root, unlocking OEM or custom recovery, then do not try to do it at all. Do some research before trying this method. Techonation or its author is not responsible for brick devices, defective SD cards or damaged devices.

Step 1:

Download the Dolby Atmos zip file to your Android phone. The zip file is intended only for the root device with user recovery installed. TWRP repair is preferred in this case.

Step 2:

Backup your data (recommended). You can use titanium backup, PC or any other backup option. If something goes wrong, you can restore your data, so it is recommended to create backup copies.

Step 3:

Now turn off the device and reboot to restore mode (holding the power button with increasing or decreasing volume simultaneously). It depends on the device. You can find your device name in Google + access to recovery mode.

Step 4:

Go to installation and click on it. It is located on top of all buttons in the TWRP recovery. If you are using Philz Recovery or CWM, do not worry, the process is the same for everyone.

Step 5:

Find and click on Dolby Atmos ZIP fileWell, you can find it in the folder where you downloaded it. For the UC browser it is in the UC downloads, and for the Chrome browser it is in the downloads folder.

Step 6:

Now he will ask to hold his finger for installation, just do it. Keep a large circle in the left corner and swipe it to the right. (See screenshot below). Do not check the two options, as shown in the screenshot.

Step 7:

Wait a few seconds and it will show that you have been successfully installed. If there was any mistake, let me know in the comments, I will help you fix it.

Step 8:

Then wipe the cache and dalvik cache. No need to erase device data or internal memory. In case you encounter errors, clear the data.

Step 9:

Last step, reboot your device and enjoy the sound of Boom-Boom. Now you have successfully installed the full-featured Dolby Atmos application.

Step 10:

Now you can customize the sound from the Dolby Atmos application. For good bass, you can optimize the sound. Just keep trying other optimizations to find the best one.

Finally you have successfully flashed Dolby Digital Atmos. You must use good quality headphones to enjoy the rhythms.

Important note: Please make sure that your device’s bootloader is unlocked and has a root with custom recovery installed. If something bad happens, comment below, I will help you.

Video tutorial

However, did not understand the walkthrough? So, watch this video Dolby Atmos apk installation guide on Android devices. Watch the video to the end to understand the whole installation process. If you still have problems, just comment below, I’m ready to help you.

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How to remove Dolby Atmos Apk from Android?

If you want to remove Dolby Atmos from your phone, continue reading.

If you just installed Dolby digital apk using the first method, then just delete apk. If you run the Dolby Atmos zip file, follow these steps.

Steps to remove Dolby Atmos from Android.

  1. Download Dolby Atmos zip removal software.
  2. Reboot into recovery mode.
  3. Flash Dolby Zip Uninstaller In the same way you glimpsed Dolby Atmos with lightning.
  4. Wipe the cache and Dalvik cache, then reboot the device.
  5. Now you have successfully removed Dolby surround Mod.

Remarks: Here is how you can remove Dolby Digital Atmos from your Android device. Well, if Dolby Atmos gives you any kind of “unfortunately stopped” error, simply delete it using this method and reinstall it.

There are other sound modes, such as Dolby Atmos, available on the Internet. The best of them is Viper4Android.

If you want a tutorial on how to install Viper4Android on Android, let me know in the comments below. I will write a walkthrough on it as soon as possible.

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I hope you enjoyed this step by step. Dolby Atmos installation tutorial on Android. I used these methods on a variety of devices, and it helped me increase the sound on weak output devices.

If you find this post helpful, feel free to share with friends. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know by leaving a comment below.