Hey, who does not know what root is here? The term this is a common term for Android users. Simply, root is a way you can do it, giving you full access to operating your Android. To start your mobile phone, you must of course take certain steps, only then you can open everything and do something on your Android. Google as the owner of Android has not denied that they allow Android users to row their smartphones, for example how the Xiaomi mobile can be rooted. Google even gives Android users the freedom to customize their Android to suit users.

In general, the Android root process runs via a PC. As it evolves, technology that is always evolving does not require the cell root process via a PC anymore, because Android users can now row sufficiently using an application specifically intended for the root of the mobile phone. What then is the method cell phone root Can you use Android to get full access to your Android? Are you looking for answers to these questions? If that is the case, we will discuss how cell phone root Android that can easily be done.

Do you want to know how? Let’s take a look at the next review.

  1. Use the King Root application

One way to start your Android phone is to use an application called King Root. This application is an application that is very suitable for beginners. Other than how you can start your mobile phone in general, this application makes it easier for you to start Android without the help of a PC. What kind of Android can be used with this application?

Well, the King Root application can of course be used for different types of Android with a variety of brands. King Root even supports the root of the mobile phone for more than 100 thousand types of smartphones and brands. The way it is done is very simple. First make sure that you have installed this King Root application on Android. If it is already installed, you can simply open this application. This application can automatically detect your device model. With just one click you can perform the rooten. Then wait until the roots have been completed.

  1. Use the Frama Root application

This rooting application is an application that is very popular among Android users. This application can be famous and widely used because of the quality that can not be doubted. Just like the King Root application, the Frama Root application is also able to support the rooting process for different brands of Android mobile phones, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, HP, Acer, Asus, and so on.

The way you can do to start your Android phone using Frama Root is first to ensure and install the Frama Root application on your Android. Then run the application. If it is open, you are faced with a choice of superuser, choose one according to your wishes, because everything is to taste. After this, the harvesting process will be carried out. For the rooting time is erratic, everything depends on the brand and the type of your Android.

Well, that’s the way you can boot an Android phone, giving you full access to using your Android.