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Are you looking for a guide on how to use iMessage on PC? Well, if so, then you are in the right place. Today I will talk about three easy ways to get iMessage for Windows 10/8/7. Not surprisingly, iOS has one of the fastest growing user bases on the operating system market.

A simple, compact and aesthetically pleasing graphical user interface, as well as offering the best applications have made iOS quite popular.

Apple App Store cannot be used in others. Operating Systems which limits the use of some great applications. But we always strive to find a way around the problem. Consequently, I found ways to use these Apple applications on other OSs.

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What is iMessage?

iMessage is the most popular instant messaging app for iOS devices. This application is compatible with iOS (iOS 5 and later), macOS (OS X Mountain Lion and later), and watchOS. iMessage was launched to replace iChat on Apple devices.

Most Apple users prefer iMessage to any other instant messaging application. Due to the constant growth of Apple users, the number of iMessage users is also increasing.

Its growing popularity has increased the number of people using other operating systems to try. It is unlikely that Apple will release iMessage for Android or Windows. All the great features offered by this app also help to win users.

This allows its user to send and receive money, use digital touch add sketches, protect messages with end-to-end encryption, and send great emoticons.

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How to use iMessage on PC (Windows 10/8/7)?

Most instant messaging applications have Web site for use on PC. Unlike other instant messaging applications, Apple does not ship with a browser-based service, making it difficult to use a PC.

If you do not have an Apple device, but you want to give Izzy a shot because of all the wonderful things you heard about it, then you visited the correct page. Let's talk about methods to get it on a PC. I also shared the PUBG Mobile PC emulator.

Method 1: Chrome Remote Desktop

Using remote access is the easiest way to access iMessage on a PC (Windows 10/8/7). You need a Mac and install iMessage on it. Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access other computers and allow other users secure access to your computer. This is cross-platform and free software.

To use it on a Windows PC, make sure that you have Windows 7 or higher installed. And for a Mac PC, it is compatible with OS X Yosemite 10.10 and higher version. Since this is a Chrome extension, it is easy and can be used by anyone.

Remarks: If you do not have a MAC, skip this method and go to the next one.

Step 1:

First, download the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac via this link.

Step 2:

Now download and run the Chrome Remote Desktop extension for the Chrome browser on your Windows PC.

Step 3:

Download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host to your Mac, and then install it. You can download the Chrome remote desktop from this link.

Step 4:

Now let the two computers connect using the security code. This application allows you to access data from your Mac desktop, allowing you to use iMessage remotely.

This is one of the easiest and safest ways to use. iMessage on PC, but you must have a Mac device to access its data on a Windows PC.

Remarks: The only downside to using remote access is that you need a Mac device. If you encounter problems when using Chrome Remote Desktop, follow this link for troubleshooting.

Method 2: iPadian 2 Simulator

This application allows you to experience iOS on your computer or laptop. Ipadian is a simulator, not an emulator. This application allows you to use applications that specifically designed for ipadian simulator. It will not allow you to access the official Apple Apple Store.

It has its own app store, which offers an extensive collection of great apps. iPadian simulates the look, feel of a design or the basic functions of iOS. Most iPadian apps have abbreviated on your virtual desktop.

This application is compatible with Windows XP or later with a RAM size of at least 512 MB. iPadian also requires Adobe air work on your computer. Well, follow the instructions below to get iMessage for your Windows PC.

Step 1:

Download iPadian 2 from here. Double-click the executable file on your Windows PC.

Step 2:

After installation, run the software on your device. Accept the terms of use for iPadian.

Step 3:

Now the application will start on your Windows computer. Search iMessage in iPadian. Find the application, install it in the simulator.

Step 4:

Click the icon and start using iMessage. Each open program will open a browser window to show all running applications.

Ipadian does its job, but it has several flaws. It has some problems with consistency and can make your computer dirtied with malware. You can also get his help. download IMessage for PC.

Remarks: It is recommended to use antivirus when using this application. IPadian performance is low, which annoys most users. You can download this software for free or use the premium version to improve features.

Method 3: Jailbreak

This method is the most difficult and risky method of using iMessage on a PC. Jailbreaking is the operation or removal of a manufacturer or carrier. restriction from the device. We use this method to elevate privileges, which is done using a series of kernel fixes.

The jailbreak of Apple devices allows you to get root access to iOS. Using jailbreak, you can download and install applications that can not be made normally and not available in Apple Application store. It is legal to jailbreak your iOS device, and there is software that will help you do it.

Hacking jailbreak is similar to Android rooting, but iOS modification is significantly more difficult due to the locked bootloader. This method will make your warranty no longer works, because it violates the terms of Apple. It also cancels AppleCare + purchases.

This is an insecure process, and I advise you not to continue this process if you are skeptical of it. There are risks that you can lock the device during process unless it is done with care. In case you want to use your Apple device to the full; then you can continue this procedure.

Before starting the procedure, back up all data on your device and restore the device. There are three types of jailbreak jailbreak halfheaded and tied. Untethered jailbreak will not allow you to completely change the process.

Tethered jailbreak can be canceled after turning off and on the phone. The best process is a semi-closed jailbreak that allows you to erase jail break anytime you want it. Let's follow the steps to get iMessage on a PC (Windows 10/8/7).

Step 1:

Now download the jailbreak software to your computer, follow the instructions to jailbreak your device.

Step 2:

After completing the procedure, download Cydia or Sileo, these are alternatives to the Apple Store for hacked devices.

Step 3:

Cydia and Sileo are not available on the App Store, so download them from your browser. Buy the “Deleted Messages” application for $ 4, which will allow you to access iMessage from various devices and platforms.

It offers a web-based interface that can be connected using the IP address of your iOS device in any browser, followed by 333. Now you can enjoy iMessage on your PC.

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Well, these are the best ways. use iMessage on PC works on windows 10/8/7. With these methods you can use this application for instant messaging and across platforms.

Apple is unlikely to launch iMessage for Windows and other operating systems. So you need to rely on these methods to do your job. If you have Mac, then you can use Chrome Remote Desktop to use iMessage.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can try a jailbreak procedure to use Cydia or Sileo. Or you can simulate iOS on your Windows device using iPadian 2.

I hope that you can use one of these methods to use iMessage in Windows PC without problems. If you know of any other way, feel free to write this in the comments section below.