Hwidgen 62.01 – Digital Licence Activator For Win10 – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019

Hwidgen activates Windows 10 (including VL versions) with a permanent digital license.

A few things about Hvagezhen

  1. You can get a digital HWID license in all versions of Windows 10, including VL (except 1507). No prerequisites. Just run this tool, click on the patch and you're done. it will automatically replace any KMS license, if one already exists.
  2. It does not install or store activation files on your system. therefore, there is no need to set exceptions in your av for something.
  3. You will need to connect to the Internet when using this tool to get activation instantly, but it also works offline, but at the end it will generate an error during the activation phase. The next time you connect online system is activated.
  4. On the same hardware, after reinstalling Windows 10, you no longer need to run this tool, and when you first connect to the network, MS Server recognizes the HWID and automatically enables activation. but if you have installed a version of Windows 10 VL, in this case you will need to insert the common key of this edition to restore the activation. or you can use the key installation option in this tool.
  5. There is also a manual method, and if you want, you can use it instead of a tool.
  6. quiet switch – hwidgen.mk3 quiet

What you need to check in case of unsuccessful activation:

  1. Make sure your internet works fine.
  2. Make sure you are not using a VPN.
  3. Make sure that you are not using the Windows Update Blocker.
  4. make sure that there are no entries created by Antispy and privacy tools in the host file and firewalls.
  5. If you want to restore the hwid license After reinstalling Windows in the vl edition (the retail version activates auto, there are no problems) Windows 10, you need to enter its shared key, or you can use the option to set the key in this tool.
  6. Windows 10 version 1507 is not supported by this tool.
  7. However, you cannot get the activation, and then post your problem here using the log created by hwidgen. (I will send more offers as soon as I find them)

Supported editions of Windows 10 (SKU):
Core (Home) (N)
CoreSingleLanguage (N)
Professional (N)
Vocational education (N)
ProfessionalWorkstation (N)
Education (N)
Enterprise (N)
Enterprises (N) [2015/2016: Digital License]
Enterprises (N) [2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]
ServerStandard (Primary) (N) [2016/2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]
ServerDatacenterCore) (N) [2016/2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]
ServerSolution (Core) (N) [2016/2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]

Title: Hwidgen v62.01 – Digital license activator for Windows 10
Developer: Homepage
License: Freeware
English language
OS: Windows

–Add option for cleaning ClipSVC tokens, it can be used to activate system images on different machines, since you cannot activate 2 systems using the same tokens

Download HWID GEN for Windows 10

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