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Has your Mac become slow and unresponsive? Has he lost some of the jing? Do you get unexpected crashes and error messages? Is your Macbook hot and the fan running all the time?

If so, you need to download iBoostUp!

iBoostUp customizes and optimizes your Mac, deleting unnecessary files, fixing your hard drive, providing performance recommendations, protecting your privacy, deleting cookies, showing you easily accessible system information and much more!

Memory Booster iBoostUp allows you to view detailed information about system memory and, if desired, free up memory using the Boost Now function (the Boost Now function is available for users of Mac OS Lion or later when purchased in the application).

iBoostUp Duplicate File Finder helps you to recover disk space and reduce clutter by searching for files with the same content, regardless of location or file name. Duplicate File Finder gives you the ability to view and select individual files for deletion, but be sure that in case of unintentional deletion, your files will be restored from the Mac OS recycle bin to complete cleaning. (Duplicate Finder is available for Mac OS Lion users or higher through an in-app purchase).

ARP Cache Poisoning is a hacking method used to listen to and otherwise manipulate your network traffic. This is of particular concern when connecting to unreliable networks, such as networks at airports, hotels and cafes.
With the ARP Cache Poison Detector from iBoostUp, you can scan or automatically receive notifications about suspicious network activity. (available to users of Mac OS Lion or higher through an in-app purchase)

Free up more disk space by using the iBoostUp application uninstaller to find and delete files associated with an application, rather than simply dragging an application to the trash. (available to users of Mac OS Lion or higher through an in-app purchase)

Scanner of old and unused files
Finding old and unused files on your Mac helps reduce clutter and free up disk space (free for premium users, available to other Mac OS Lion users or higher through an in-app purchase)

Disk usage tool
Keep track of which files and folders take up the most space in your home folder, on your Mac, or on any removable drive. Our tool for using discs is absolutely free for all users.

IBoostUp has a feature for viewing apps!
App Viewer checks the selected application to display useful and not always easily accessible information. Viewer application is completely free for all users.

Introducing iBoostUp Premium Unlimited.
IBoostUp Premium Unlimited users have full access to all current and future iBoostUp add-ons, as well as priority customer support. This is the recommended option if you want to use all that iBoostUp has to offer now and in the future, with a one-time purchase. (premium available for Mac OS Lion users or higher through an in-app purchase)

All purchases in the application are disposable, except when the duration is displayed in the application under the "Activate" button. The optional iBoostUp Premium is updated annually, while all other in-app purchases, such as “Memory Booster”, “Duplicate File Finder”, “iBoostUp Premium Unlimited”, etc., are one-time payments. If a duration is specified, the service will be resumed, unless you disable this option in your account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current duration. Premium users, whether disposable or upgradeable, will receive all updates and support, including all new paid features, at no additional charge, while their service is active.

iBoostUp Pty Ltd is an Australian company. Development, support and administration are carried out in Australia. We respect your privacy. Read our terms of service at https://www.iboostup.com/tos.