Image Map Pro for WordPress v5.1.0 – SVG Map Builder

Download SVG Map Builder-Free Image Map Pro for WordPress v5.1.0

Image Map Pro for WordPress-SVG Map Builder Free Download v5.1.0-CodeCanyon | Image Map Pro for WordPress v5.1.0-SVG Map Builder It's more than just a plugin for image maps. Place a place and add text. As you know. But ordinary people stop there. Image Map Pro comes with its own feature-rich web application, so you can quickly and easily create and export the most comprehensive custom image maps, pins, SVG, and polygonal shapes to your website.

Image Map Pro Squares is included. Content creator that can add rich content to image map tooltips. Image Map Pro is the only plugin that can draw custom polygon shapes. You can also zoom in to get the best accuracy. You can add pins, change colors, activate / deactivate regions, execute custom code with clicks, and even draw polygons, text, and other shapes.


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