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The invasion of modern empire
Free direct download of the new version of Invasion Modern Empire from RexDl. Invasion: Modern Empire is an exciting online simulation of war and RTS, in which you will face enemy groups, defeat their army and fight on the path to world domination at the height of the global apocalypse. Fight to become the most powerful military commander in the world, making your way to victory!

The invasion challenges you to fight with friends and raid enemy territories in exciting battles of alliances in real time! Battlefield strategy is just the beginning when you conquer new lands and establish your base camp. Building a base gives you a chance to destroy the world and restore your image — create buildings, train soldiers, and use strategy and tactics to defeat your opponents once and for all.

The world war is only the beginning – governments have fallen because rivals are fighting for supremacy in this chaotic new century. Do you have what it takes to rule? Join the battle now!

Invasion: Modern Empire

Strategy War Games – Battle enemies in the RTS nail battle to control the apocalypse!

  • RTS Games – Army strategy with modern combat and real-time base construction
  • Destroy the world – the enemy armies have no chance when your soldiers rush around the globe
  • Real-time 3D strategy – fight great, exciting battles, unlike anything you've seen before.

City Building Games – fight for every inch of land and expand the territory of your guild!

  • Guild Wars – Conquer online rivals in the world of war, one enemy guild at a time
  • Multiplayer – raid enemy territory to claim it as your own and expand your empire
  • Base Building Games – every tank, cannon and soldier you command will help the war effort
  • Conquer them all – Conquest yours when you expand your armed forces and raid your enemies. But be careful – enemies can attack your base camp too!

Modern War Tech – advanced war tactics and advanced technology to help you gather information

  • War strategy. Modern warfare is the knowledge of enemies. Dominate opponents, collecting intelligence!
  • Real-time strategy – command and win with a real-time panoramic map!

Online games – fight online in alliances and crush every guild in your path

  • Online multiplayer – Alliances form and fight online. Will you be the final commander?
  • Online chat – Alliance Center has a chat to find the perfect team.
  • Multiplayer online games – MMO PvP battle on the modern battlefield

Raid Monuments – Facing Guilds Online in Monument Wars PvP

  • Clash Online – online RTS fights offer a dynamic, ever-changing thrill!
  • Online strategy – Create diplomatic connections with other players on your own!
  • Advanced Warfare PvP – PvP gameplay sends you to war along with many other players!

Fight enemy soldiers in the post-apocalyptic world of 2020! Domination is for you, since you and your guild are fighting the enemy for the enemy in this free strategy game. Do you have what it takes to survive in this world in a war?

Download Invasion: Modern Empire and fight right now!

In Invasion, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, set the password protection for purchases in the settings of the Google Play Store application.


New version: Ghost Risen online!
Added a new reward for 1 purchase;
Added more content for the Summer Celebration event;
Added new officers;
New Captain Tina, Fox, is coming;
Optimized strategic advantages provided by Ghostly Captains;
Optimized selection and calling rules.
Optimized secret order store, Blood Diamond store, Captain Arrived event and added a pop-up window to double confirm your purchases.


1. Unlimited money
2. Unlimited energy
3. Unlimited food
4. Unlimited steel
5. Unlimited oil

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