Iron Avenger – No Limits 1.71 Apk + MOD (Money) for Android – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019


Iron Avenger 2 – Unlimited game – the game you all asked for, Bad Wolf Games proudly presents in 2016 a new and updated version of Iron avenger, our trademark (only) game, please remember that this is a free hate game – or love – if you like, but if we can improve it, just ask.
This amazing, but free game is the perfect combination of exciting gameplay, beautiful graphics and, obviously, the most amazing character in a mobile game, even Iron Man feels ashamed compared to the Iron Avenger.
– endless non-recurring stages (every time you play, the level changes, you must think fast)
– rhythm game play that entertains you for hours
– several character skins
– upgrades and special power that keeps you out of trouble
– several stages with different decorations and new game mechanics
– dynamic coin collecting system
– amazing 3D mobile graphics (obviously)

Upcoming – several characters with different special abilities
even more difficult stages
achievement system
-optimization for old devices (no one left behind!)

Story :
The story of our hero is not a love story or a sad story, maybe not even suitable for a hero, he is nothing more than a simple soldier who could finance such expensive armor besides the military, but people … they need a hero, not a soldier .
So, what did people do, they turned a simple soldier into a suit, not even made of iron into Iron Man, they called him the Iron Avenger, thinking that he was some kind of man of steel, few people knew who was in this suit and what's happened …
Who is the Iron Avenger, a hero or a simple soldier, maybe you can find out …


Failed to fix
major bug fixes
stability improvement
performance optimization
graphics optimization