IsoBuster 2014


IsoBuster 2014Recover Lost Data With IsoBuster

IsoBuster can recover lost data from several different types of media devices. The powerful software is easy to install, and works with the devices directly. Find lost data on CDs, USB sticks, and even on hard drives. IsoBuster is also easy to use, and will run by itself automatically.

Works with Different Media Devices

The innovative software works with several types of devices including PC hard drives and optical DVDs and CDs. IsoBuster can also recover data from different flash drives like SD cards and MMC. It runs automatically and will support almost all file systems. The software will scan the system for the lost folders and files, and will even use different methods if the data is not recovered.

The Software Runs Automatically

IsoBuster works without using Windows, giving users a better chance of recovering their lost information. By reading the data itself, the software is even able to work with systems that are not supported by Windows. IsoBuster will also write its own file lists, making it easier to find the replaced folders. Along with different systems, the software will also support discs from other operating systems. The software can also find data on camera discs and even on image files.

Key Features of IsoBuster

This innovative software makes it easy to recover lost files and folders, including images. IsoBuster supports several different media devices and also includes these other key features:

1. Works without using Windows operating systems

2. Supports hard drives, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, and even image files.

3. Downloads in seconds without prompting.

4. The software will also try several different methods to recover missing data.

5. Can also fix problems with a PC’s drive supporting a different system’s disc.

6. Lists recovered data for easy interpretation.

7. Can support all types of file systems while scanning for lost data.

8. Will help users get the most data from their hard drives.


By ChSb