JDownloader Alternative application for download management in addition to IDM

The alternative application Download Manager for IDM is indeed not easy to find. Especially what is free. Let’s talk honestly, download with a browser compared to which IDM do you think is more stable and maximum? Of course, download fans will answer the Internet Download Manager. Yet IDM itself is originally paid software of which we can not get the license for free. Unless you use patches, farmer’s package, yes.

Good for those of you who are still looking for download applications other than IDM for Windows, I can give two recommendations, namely Free Download Manager and JDownloader 2. Both have ample functions, but I prefer to use JDownloader for downloading in large formats. Such as downloading games, large software, movies and youtube video. But if you want to have a download manager application with a torrent function, you should use the free download manager. So why do I prefer JDownloader?

JDownloader is a free open-source download management tool with a huge community of developers who make downloading as easy and fast as possible. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwidth restrictions, extract archives automatically, and much more. It is an easily expandable framework that can save valuable time every day for hours! – Developer –

JDownloader Application Download In addition to IDM

As an alternative application, JDownloader has unique functions. The appearance of the user interface is very different from the general downloader. Even cooler, JDownloader is free and open source. That is, everyone can provide input on the latest functions and tools that are packaged by the developer. The following are unique features:

  1. Download list
  2. Auto Link Grabber
  3. settings
  4. Premium account

Download list in JDownloader

JDownloader Download Manager Application In addition to IDM

In this application you can easily download partitioned files. Just add new links, you can only paste a few links in one line at a time. Automatically this program will detect all downloadable content. You can also copy URLs such as Pastebin, FileCrypt, Tinypaste, Keeplinks. Later all download links are automatically displayed and you can right-click on the link to start the download.

Auto Link Grabber JDownloader

Downloader In addition to IDM JDownloader

This section is quite special and not all downloaders have this function. In the Link Grabber pane, all the links you copy (on pasteboard) and all YouTube videos you view automatically appear in this section. Even all quality versions appear automatically. See the image above for more details.

Features Settings and MyJdownloader

The best download application besides IDM

This is perhaps even cooler. Because not all download manager programs have so many settings. If only the bandwidth limit function is available. But are there other downloaders that offer the Auto Extractor function? So when you have finished downloading RAR and ZIP files. JDownloader can be automatically set to extract the file. If this is for MyJdownloader now, it looks like the premium feature. So you must first register on their official account. Later there will be several premium features such as Remotecontrol of devices such as Android and iPhone. Try it yourself.

Premium account settings in JDownloader

The best downloader besides the IDM application

Wow, this is the function that I like the most. We can offer login verification for premium download sites. For example UptoBox, Uploaded, MegaNZ, Usersdrive and much more. All you have to do is enter the username and password of your premium account, and JDownloader automatically performs the verification to the related server. Do not worry, your account is secure because this process is on the customer’s side and is not sent to the JDownloader database. Do you want to try this Download Manager app? Download directly below.

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