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Added DateJuly, 2019


– Text recognition for images and PDF files

– Separators and small images in notes

– Item names are transferred to the list.

– Import from scanner

– Import from iPhone or iPad with camera continuity in Mojave

– Improved sharing and viewing of imports

– Improvements for searching, text editing, PDF editing and more


– Keep It can now recognize printed text on images and scanned PDF files that did not recognize text.

– Search for movies, video, audio and image files, and not by a specific type

– Choose whether to perform text recognition for items, as well as the language or script that will be used in the search settings.


– Import directly from the scanner

– Continuity Camera: import an image directly from your iPhone or iPad

– Expanded sharing can now create text elements in the same format as standard forms

– Add web links to new or existing notes or other editable text files in the Share extension or in the Import view.

– Select a format when saving web links for offline use in share expansion.

– Attach files to new or existing notes or editable text files in the Share extension.

– Up to the last five lists or items will be displayed when selecting target lists or items in the share extension.

– Show comments field in Share extension for web links or files.

– Checklists will be saved in notes imported from Apple Notes

– Separators (horizontal rules) will now be saved in notes when importing from Evernote.

– Finder comments will now be imported from files.


– Show attached images in a smaller size by selecting Format> Show Small Images in the Format menu.

– Checklists are now converted to lists when copied to other applications or notes exported as RTF / RTFD

– Insert a separator (horizontal line) by selecting Format> Insert Separator from the menu.

– Improvements when pasting text from non notes or other applications in dark mode

Rich text files

– Extended text files can now be displayed in dark colors on MacOS Mojave. Unlike notes, the color of the selected text in the dark mode will not be dark.

– Added menu item “Format”> “Text”> “Clear formatting” to convert text and background colors to default values

– Added option in font settings to always display formatted text files as light content on MacOS Mojave


– Added an option in the font settings to always display simple text files as bright content in MacOS Mojave

– A simple text font is now synced via iCloud, if used.

PDF files

– Highlighting and underlining selected text in PDF files

– Rotate pages left or right using the menu

– Delete the current page using the menu


– Rotate image using image menu or trackpad


– Names will now carry up to two lines, both as a list and as thumbnails.

– Paste the date and / or time in any place using the "Insert date and time" submenu in the "Edit" menu.

– Improved the appearance of the buttons when several elements are selected and the preview is very narrow

– The preferred format for saved web links is now synced via iCloud, if used.


– Fixed problem with dragging multiple files to a note or formatted text

– Fixed a bug due to which the extension of a single file was not hidden when importing via the Share extension or the Import view, and the name was changed to not include the extension.

– Fixed a bug due to which you could drag all items into a folder.

– Fixed problem with getting links to an item or list in AppleScript.

– Fixed loading of the full library with common items or folders.

– Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to enable iCloud while it is still disabled.

– Fixed a bug due to which duplicate tags could appear in the iCloud libraries after using the Share extension.

– Fixed a bug due to which clicking on a link on a web page caused unnecessary opening of a link in the default browser.